Welcome To Moto Affliction

Hi there! I’m Alan Katkich and I’m the person behind Moto Affliction.

Who I am

Motorcycling has been a passion of mine my entire life. I have been riding on two wheels since I was 11 years old when my father bought me a Honda XR80. I developed my passion from my father. I used to ride on the back of his Gold Wing on long Sunday rides. Since getting my license, I have owned several different bikes in many different segments. I love touring on motorcycles and have been on many trips throughout North America. Each trip has been a privilege to experience. 

My Father on his Gold Wing

What We Do

Over the years, wanting to purchase an item of apparel, I’ve found it difficult to source sound, unbiased information. So many sites that review products are structured in a way that the recommendations are driven by what is easiest to convert. That’s how Moto Affliction got started. There are plenty of people who would look to make a quick buck at the expense of providing biased or even false information. 

My mission with Moto Affliction is to help riders get the most out of their motorcycling experience, to provide information on products that are right for their needs and to provide content that is educational and entertaining through my extensive experience in riding and apparel

I started Moto Affliction to feed and share my passion of all things motorcycle.

I want to help new and seasoned riders navigate the myriad of gear options available to them and hopefully even introduce products and solutions that you may have not been considered before. I only recommend trusted products from trusted brands. I know from my personal experience that making the right choices on gear can not only offer protection but can also be the difference between a comfortable, enjoyable day on your bike to a miserable, not so enjoyable one. This is YOUR place. This is where you can turn to get the info you need. Because hey, the value of riders helping riders is unperalled.

How we create content

All content on Moto Affliction is planned and edited by me to ensure the highest quality standards. There are times I turn to freelance writers for help in putting articles together although nothing is put out without my explicit approval as editor in chief. This is to ensure that all information is accurate and trustworthy for your decision making process
As much as possible, we get our hands on the products mentioned in this blog for real world life experiences, but this is not always possible. In those instances we turn to extensive research online and feedback from customers with first hand experience with them. I also have relationships with a few local bike shops and talk to staff about all the items that come out that might be of interest to readers.

Moto Affliction is your one stop, authoritative site to inform and educate so that your next investment in motorcycle attire can be made with the utmost of confidence 

Alan Katkich