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alan katkich

AGV K3 SV Review: A Nice Surprise

If you are looking for one of the best mid priced helmets on the market, this AGV may be what you are looking for. Read on to see how surprised I was at what I got for my money as share this long term review of my personal helmet

Confession. I love Rossi graphics. I love helmet graphics period. The bolder the better! In all honesty it’s what drew me to purchasing an AGV K3 SV last season. Of course I looked at the safety specs and all that boring crap. But I wanted my new helmet to have a bit of pop to it. Hey, who doesn’t want to stand out a bit when they ride up to the biker hangout. Stand out is what the Tortuga graphics I chose do. 

Prior to picking up the K3 I spent many miles in an Arai Vector 2. The Arai was now going to be my benchmark that future helmets would be judged by. I loved that helmet. But it was getting old and it was time to consider a replacement. 

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What better time to get a new helmet than with a new bike. So when I bought my current bike, a 2019 GSX-S750, I picked up the K3 SV as well. 

Has it lived up to its predecessor, the Vector 2 from Arai? No. Not exactly. Has it been a regrettable purchase. Not one bit. 

I needed a helmet within a certain budget. Having bought the bike, as much as I wanted a premium helmet, my finances simply couldn’t justify it. 

So how has the AGV K3 SV been to live with the past year? Let’s dive into the specs and I’ll add my thoughts as we go along.


The shell is thermoplastic. Meaning it’s plastic. Now, that’s not a bad thing. It’s just not the latest and greatest that modern composite lids offer. For its cheaper price you trade off a bit of weight and overall shell size. The AGV K3 SV comes in two shell sizes. Sizing ranges from XS to 2XL. This helmet suits an intermediate oval head shape. 

My biggest gripe with the shell is the fact it only comes in two sizes. I chose a medium large for sizing. I find the overall dimensions of the helmet look rather large when on my head. Offering more shell sizes would streamline the look a bit more. Not a major complaint. I suspect this is to keep the cost down. If you are going to cut corners to offer a good bang for the buck, then this is an acceptable place to do it. 

As I’ve said, I love the bold colors in the graphics. The paint is pretty good quality for a non premium lid.

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EPS Liner

By any measure the EPS liner in the K3 is comfortable. I found it did pack out a bit after a few months use. Something to be aware of when sizing one for yourself. 

The interior features deep pockets for communication speakers. At first I found my ears were bent after I installed a set. It was super annoying. Just by chance one day I slid my helmet on at a slightly different angle. This is all it took to get rid of the problem. 

I find It wicks sweat away like the best of them. No issues. Of course the liner is removable and washable. 

I’m not going to put this liner up there with the premium guys but with the premium helmets you are spoiled. 


Venting is a real string point with this lid. Even on the hottest of days I never complain about the heat in this thing. I couldn’t say that with my previous Arai. 

It has five front vents and two exhaust.

The large chimney vents in the middle up top flows a ton of air. As do the chin vents. 

A couple small complaints though. 

One is the chin vent operates from the inside. So you have to stick a thumb or fingers inside to get to the slider. I’m not a fan of this. Honestly I can’t say why. I just don’t like it. I prefer to just access the slider on the front of my helmet out in the open. The other one is the slides for the top two vents. They slide at an awkward angle. Maybe I’m just used to straight forward and back. These tend to slide at a bit of a 45° angle. I don’t want to deal with that. I just want to put my  there and slide the opening quickly and easily. It’s not that difficult really. I could be just picky here. 

Face Shield 

The sheild on this is good quality. AGV claims it’s scratch resistant..from my experience it has been. Keep in mind I’m very careful with how I wipe my shields. I only ever use miscofiber and always with a cleaning solution. So far so good. 

Swapping the visor is super easy. Not only that, swapping the drop down visor is just as easy as I demonstrate in the video below.

Overall impressions

I’m happy with the helmet. That’s no small statement. Coming from a premium helmet to one that is middle of the road in terms of quality and price, I was set up to for dissatisfaction. I’m not. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I have no reason to purchase a premium helmet in the future. They are better for many reasons. Mainly their construction and their liners are made with better materials. But given what I paid, I’m more than satisfied with it. Having said that, I think my next helmet I’m going back to an Arai. That is still a couple seasons away. I’m more than happy to wait it out and get my full value out of this lid. I love the graphics. I also like that the K3 has obvious Pista GP bloodlines in its styling. It looks like a Rossi helmet. To me, that’s a plus. Helmets are cool. Why wear a boring lid is my moto. My Arai was plain black and unassuming. What fun is that? Of course safety is important. Let’s face it, the most important thing in a helmet. Not all of us can afford the latest composite lid. The K3 scores a 4 out of 5 stars on the UK’s SHARP helmet testing system. That’s a score some premium lids don’t achieve. 

Overall it’s safety rating is more than acceptable for road riding. It’s not a track helmet. 

In closing I will say I feel I got my money’s worth. I’m pleasantly surprised by the K3’s Overall fit, ventilation and lack of wind noise. 

If you are considering one, I’d say go for it. It’s probably the best in the mid priced helmet market. 

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