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Beginner Motorcycle Gear: Three Looks To Get You Started!

Being a new rider can be an exciting and an overwhelming experience at the same time. Between choosing the right first bike to getting proper rider training there is a lot going on. One thing some new riders overlook in all this is their gear. It’s usually the last thing they consider in the process.

We get it. Between the bike, the training, the insurance ect. there isn’t a whole lot of money left and some are left scraping together whatever they can to get some basic gear on them. For some, it’s only the legal requirement of a helmet and not much more.  It doesn’t have to be this way. We here at Moto Affliction are here to help. 

We developed a beginner motorcycle gear guide to help those new to riding, quickly and easily cut through all the ads and the marketing mumbo jumbo to source out complete looks that won’t break the bank and will help you stay protected from the road and natures elements. We are big believers in gear and we want to help those with little to no experience get the most out of their riding and help them not waste their money. This is very easy to do. Trust me. When I first started I made some costly mistakes in my gear. Proper gear can make riding more enjoyable.

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In this guide we are going to pull together three complete, head to toe, protective outfits. Each outfit is designed to show that you can be protected and look good at the same time on a budget.

The focus here is on price, safety and protection from the climatic elements. 

In all likelihood your first bike won’t be your last. Because of this we will keep the look very transitional. Meaning, each item will be something you can use on any style of bike as you start out. This way as time goes on and new bikes come into your life, you can swap out different pieces of gear if you ever need to or keep what you have.  What we want to do is present choices that will get you out there, learning and having fun. 

All the items in each outfit can be swapped out from one of the looks to the next. The mission here is to inspire and present a complete, affordable package that will visually help you see the possibilities.  Nothing you will see here is over the $200 mark except the Gringo helmet which may be just slightly above. We will run down each item and explain why we chose them and what it can do for you. So, lets get geared up!

Look 1

Bell Qualifier DXL
Olympia Dallas

Scorpion EXO Covert
Icon Tarmac WP

Scorpion Klaw 2

Bell Qualifier DXL Helmet

The biggest reason we chose this helmet is its DOT and ECE rating. ECE takes more crash scenarios into account than DOT when giving its rating. For the price, this is great. Its for an intermediate oval head shape. It come in three, polycarbonate shell sizes. It has integrated pockets in the liner for com speakers.

Olympia Dallas Mesh Jacket

For those that live in hot climates the Dallas by Olympia is great. The biggest plus and why we included it here is because of its included CE level 2 armor. With a back protector! This is unheard of at this price in the jacket market. Its outer shell is a tough 600D, abrasion resistant material. It comes in three colors. For those hot days, It flows plenty of air to keep you cool.

Scorpion EXO Covert Jeans

What Scorpion has done here is offer a full length Kevlar lined jean at a very affordable price. The way the did this was to exclude the armor. This is fine in our books. The jeans come with pockets sewn in to accept knee and hip armor. You can simply add some when the time is right. At least in the meantime your are well protected in a slide and you didn’t break the bank to start off. The fit is loose yet still flattering. They are not dad jeans. These are a very popular choice with great customer feedback.

Icon Tarmac WP Boots

We chose the Icon Tarmac because of their waterproof protection. Not only that, they have excellent breathability as well. This makes them great for commuting. Another thing we love are the looks. You can easily wear these around town off the bike and still look good. They have leather uppers and offer great protection. Incorporated into the ankle are D30 ankle inserts that will offer protection in case of a tip over.

Scorpion Klaw 2 Gloves

Scorpion has a way of making good quality gear affordable. And these gloves are very affordable. They are made with goat skin leather which is very durable and abrasion resistant. There is molded TPU over the knuckles for added protection. For comfort you get a pre curved palm and fingers. These gloves are very beginner friendly as far as price yet you are not sacrificing safety

Look 2

Scorpion EXO R-420
Icon Merc Stealth
Street & Steel Oakland
Icon Super Duty 5

Icon Anthem 2 CE

Scorpion EXO R-420 Helmet

Ok, the name is oddly suggestive but the EXO R-420 delivers big bang for the buck. How? Well it’s SNELL rated to start as well as DOT. Some big priced helmets miss that mark. You also get a top notch face shield that pulls nice and snug to the helmet when closed. This makes for a quiet helmet. The Scorpion comes with emergency removable cheek pads. This allows EMT to remove the helmet safely. It comes in four solid colors but we here at Moto Affliction always suggest white whenever possible when you are new. It makes you more visible. Especially if the rest of your gear is dark. With two shell sizes it suites the popular intermediate oval head shape.

Icon Merc Stealth Jacket

The Icon Merc Stealth is a great cooler weather jacket. If things get a bit warm you can open the zips under the arm and let some air in. The shell is water resistant and incorporates reinforced panels for abrasion resistance. You get impact protection in the shoulders, elbows and back. We like this jacket because it makes a great commuter option. You get little bit of everything as far as climate protection. We also like the casual look. It will suite any type of bike and that’s great for a new rider. So for its protection from the elements and its clean look it makes our cut.

More: How To Size a Helmet

Street & Steel Oakland Jeans

The Street & Steel Oaklands are a boot cut that leans a bit more toward a straight cut. This makes for a nice slimmer fit that wont have your pants buffeting in the breeze. They are made with a thick 12oz denim that has a bit of stretch. You get arimid reinforced butt, knee and hips. You also get removable CE rated knee protection. For the price and the overall look we think they are a great option .

Icon Super Duty 5 Boots

With leather uppers, a reinforced sole and D30 ankle protection, the Super Duty 5 has what you need in a moto shoe. Icon has been making these boots for years and have perfected them along the way. These will suit any style of bike you are on and will look just as good off the bike.

Icon Anthem CE 2 Gloves

Affordable with streamlined good looks. We love the simplicity of the Icon Anthem CE 2 gloves. As the name suggests, these are CE certified. On the back is a D30 knuckle protector. These are bit more of a warm weather glove with its mesh backing. No need to remove your glove to use your phone as these are touch screen compatible.

Look 3

Biltwell Gringo
Rev’it! Eclipse
Speed And Strength Havoc
Alpinestars J-Cult
Joe Rocket Briton

Biltwell Gringo S

This is the most expensive item in the beginner gear guide round up but we think its worth the extra few bucks. This is a super stylish retro looking lid. It carries an ECE certification. This is fantastic for its price. We always try and suggest helmets that carry more than just DOT and this does. On the inside you get a hand stitched, comfortable liner. It’s stitched in a cool diamond pattern that pays homage to the 1970’s. The ABS shell comes in two shell sizes. Its suits a more round oval head shape so be aware of that. You also get convenient speaker recesses that work great with Sena com systems. It lacks any vent ports but that’s the price you pay to look this good. This helmet would work great for the urban rider.

Rev’it! Eclipse Jacket

Simple yet effective for summer cruising. This is a mesh jacket that is very sleek. It is a slim tapered cut. It’s a very transitional look that can span many bike styles. Most importantly is the protection offered. Its has SeeSoft CE level 2 elbow and shoulder pads. SeeSoft is a very comfortable, soft, not bulky padding. The shell is a rugged 600D polyester mesh. Bottom line, you are getting a stylish, protective, mesh jacket for an unbeatable price. Rev’it! makes quality gear and this jacket is no exception.

Speed And Strength Havoc Taper Jeans

If you are into the slim fit look (guilty!) then the Speed And Strength Havocs are a great choice for any new rider. Namely because of their price and the protection offered. It includes CE armor in the knees that have a low profile look as opposed to bulky. It has pockets for hip armor if you choose to add them. They are made with an abrasion resistant aramid fabric. These pants are super comfortable. There is a comfort mesh lining on the inside. This helps when it is hot in preventing the pants from sticking to you. In the crotch you get a stretch panel that helps the pants keep its shape when in the seated position. Comfort, price, protection, great looks. Enough said.

Alpinestars J-Cult Shoes

Don’t let the street-style, good looks fool you. These are a protective moto shoe through and through. Dual density ankle protection. Rigid, reinforced sole. Reinforced toe and heel protection. Along with that you are getting vintage leather uppers which provide added protection. This shoe has got you covered. Off the bike for a bit of a walk? No problem. The Alpinestars will keep you comfortable and looking good. The sole adds enough flexibility for a bit of a walk around town. Best of all it does all this with a beginner friendly price.

Joe Rocket Briton Gloves

To top off the look, how about some vintage looking gloves? The Britons have you covered. Made with a hansom cowhide leather the Britons also have a waterproof liner on the inside. Understated knuckle protection offers added shielding without disrupting the overall look. Accordion paneling and flex expansion on the fingers allow the glove to work with you not against you. Offered in two colors, the Briton’s are the perfect choice to top off this type of look at a new rider friendly price.


There you have it. Three complete looks that will have you protected from head to toe. Price, safety and style are all addressed here. Just starting out in buying gear is overwhelming. This guide hopefully simplified the process. In total there are fifteen items of gear here that are all under $200 except the Gringo helmet which is only slightly over. All of them will serve a new rider for many years with any style of bike. Some riders start out on a small sport bike only to realize later that touring is more there thing. Or starting on a cruiser and having sport riding catch your eye. This happens. That’s why we feel, at first it might not be wise to get gear that only serves one style or purpose. Taking this approach can save lots of money down the road. As time goes on, you can always update or upgrade your gear. Its all part of the sport. hopefully you gained some inspiration and are giving more thought to getting proper, safe gear. Doing so makes the riding experience more enjoyable.

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