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Best Motorcycle Apps

Apps have become part of our daily existence. A good app will provide value to our lives in some small way and sometimes in big ways. Can you remember a time without Google maps? 

The motorcycle world is not without its share of apps that attempt to make life on two wheels a bit more enjoyable. There are apps that connect fellow riders. Ones that find the twistiest roads and others that help you out on track days. 

Originally I was never really drawn to apps of the motorcycle world. Years ago they were gimmicky and under developed. As time has gone on, there have been some pretty cool improvements and also some new developments that make a few of these worth the download. 

At Moto Affliction we road tested several apps. Our goal was to provide a list of the 10 best motorcycle apps that will be of interest to riders. Let’s dive in and see if these will add anything to your motorcycle life.


Calimoto touts itself as a motorcycle specific GPS app. There are two parts to the app. The free part and the paid. The free app offers a couple features I really like. One is the planner. Put in how many miles you feel like riding and it will generate a random round trip route. It will automatically avoid all freeways and toll roads only giving you what it feels are the best motorcycle roads. If you want to go in a particular direction, just set it to north east, south or whatever the case may be, set the mileage and again it will generate a round trip route that it feels is the most interesting in that direction. If you like the route you can save it in a folder for future use. You can send the route to your buddies for them to ride as well. With the premium app you get more info to decipher such as average speed, lean angle, altimeter, and a few other little goodies. There is also a community for Calimoto users in your area to share rides, add photos along routes and organize meetups. It also handles your average GPS duties easily and clearly. I use this app when I’m feeling uninspired on where I should rise on a Saturday or Sunday. It does the thinking for me.  Overall a good app and one that is worth the download.

Moto Amino

Think of Moto Amino as social media specifically for motorcycle riders. Once you create an account you can start following and gaining followers from other riders. Post pictures, share your thoughts and opinions, basically anything you would do with regular social media interactions but with motorcycle community focus. Unfortunately the app isn’t well served in all areas. In other areas where there is good participation its a nice alternative to getting off regular social media and all the craziness that tends  to go on there and have an outlet focused simply on your passion.

Eat Sleep Ride

Probably the most popular motorcycle community building app out there with 50k downloads. This app picks up where Moto Amino falls short. With the sheer number of users it’s much easier to find riders in your area. It is similar to facebook for riders but to be honest, Moto Amino has a better interface. You can post photos, blogs, whatever you want if you are into that kind of stuff. It can also track your speed and lean angle while riding which is a cool feature. One interesting feature on the app is it has a crash detector. It uses your phone’s accelerometer to detect a crash while in motion. It’s a $20/month subscription and I would never feel the need to pay for that myself. It is fascinating though what that little device in your pocket is capable of. 

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Pirelli Diablo Super Biker

If you are a hardcore track junkie this app is a must. It doesn’t contain any community building. No GPS. No route planner. Just track telemetry. Nothing else. It can even be fun for your commute if you are curious about your lean angle, G force. For the track riders though it gives you all that useful info plus track times and acceleration. It will even provide current weather conditions such as temperature and barometric pressure. It does some interesting, if not questionable  evaluations such as the type of asphalt you are on. I can’t speak to the accuracy of all this info and I suspect some metrics are more accurate than others. Nonetheless it is a cool app to see you and your bikes performance. 


This is not a motorcycle specific app but of great value to riders regardless. It’s a GPS/route planner app. Its 100 million users provide up to the minute information on anything that you need to be aware of on your particular route. Namely things like traffic updates and police enforcement. Police departments hate that these apps exist and many have openly stated they wish it didn’t. Their disdain is your gain. If you have a bit of a twitchy right wrist this app will likely keep your money in your wallet. Plus, what rider wants to sit in traffic. For these reasons alone this app should be in your phone. No other app, including google maps will inform you at the level that Waze does.

Best Biking Roads 

This app is of particular interest to the travelling motorcyclist. It’s users contributed. With 10k downloads, users all over the world submit their hidden gems and epic rides that you may not otherwise be aware of. You don’t necessarily need to be a world traveler to take advantage of what BBR has to offer. Even if you are a few hours from home you could find interesting rides in the area. What better way to find rides than from bikers who submitted them. It would be a shame to make it all the way to a destination and miss an epic loop that you may have not otherwise known about. It does cost $4.99 but could be worth it if you are in  a new area and find a memorable route. 


This app Is full of info that some may find useful on their ride. Things like your speed, compass direction, weather forecast for the day, lean angle ect. All displayed on one page in widget style.There are 26 widgets in all with various things you may find useful. It’s pretty cool to think even if your bike doesn’t have a fancy TFT screen, you can still get all the same info from your phone in real time. The app works in landscape as well as portrait. It’s also a GPS app with all the typical features and community building stuff like ride sharing and meetups. Another useful feature is its maintenance log. You can easily keep up to date with all your bikes maintenance with a progress bar indicating when a particular service is coming up. The best feature of the app is its ability to be used as an auxiliary dashboard if you are sick of your analog gauges .With all the info a rider needs at a glance in full color glory 

GPS Speedometer And Odometer

Most riders are aware there is a difference between their bikes indicated speed and actual speed. It’s an annoying fact that the reasons are often debated but never quite understood. This app does one thing. It turns your screen into a giant speedometer. It’s supper easy to read and is more accurate than your bike’s speedometer. It also does a few other little things like average speed of your trip, fastest speed reached, miles covered ect. It’s a simple app that is useful when riding around town just to take the guesswork out of your rate of travel. It does seem pretty accurate when compared to construction zone speed displays that I’ve hit.


The concept is simple but useful. Find the cheapest fillup that’s closest to you. With 10 million downloads it’s certain that you will get accurate info of local gas prices near you. This is a good app for trip planning. You can mark your gas stops along the way and be sure that you are not spending more on your trip than you need to. There are usually good coupon offers and discounts available to users. It’s not motorcycle specific but It’s good to take advantage of the power in numbers for all motorists when it comes to saving money. 


This is a boring app. It’s strictly administrative in nature. Having said that, if you are super obsessive in record keeping for your ride, then this app will make life easier. You can calculate how much that machine is actually costing you to sit in the garage on a yearly basis. Not sure I want to know myself, but if you’re into that kind of masochism you can. Track any and all expenditures from insurance to maintenance to gas. Set reminders for upcoming maintenance. Take photos of all your important papers to store in its glovebox. If keeping track of everything is what helps you sleep at night then download this app. Just don’t let your significant other find it or they might see the truth!

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