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Best Motorcycle Battery: Don’t Get Stranded

A battery is an essential part of a motorcycle. It’s what starts and runs the engine no matter how bad the weather and roads are. But a bad battery that you thought you bought at a good price can also be the reason you are left stranded in the middle of nowhere because well, your battery gave up.

So, if you are looking for the best motorcycle battery, let us inform you that there are just too many options available. And for the uneducated, this might be a bit overwhelming. Afterall, there is a battery of every kind with variable prices. So, how does one really choose the best motorcycle battery?

Well, there are ways to choose that and we, with our experience, are always willing to help you out.

Types of Batteries

Before diving into our collection of best motorcycle batteries for you to choose from, you should consider the various kinds of batteries available.


These are the oldest kind of batteries which were invented in 1859. And yet, it is the type of rechargeable battery most commonly used till date. This is because it does not require a lot of effort to be maintained and is light on the pocket as well. But they must always be kept upright. Moreover, to make sure that the lead plates last long, the battery should be topped off with distilled water. In this way, the electrolytes are always replenished, and the battery will work for a long time.


These are much better than the Flooded Lead Acid batteries as they do not require little to no maintenance. The battery is sealed and there is any distilled water to be added to it. They are durable and long lasting as well. However, this battery also needs to be kept upright to avoid any spillage and damage.


This is a kind of lead acid battery in which silica is mixed into the electrolyte which turns it into a gel-like substance. The battery is sealed and can be kept in any position without any fear of damage. These batteries require no maintenance and are overall easier to use.


These are the most recent kind of batteries invented for motorcycles. They are much more lightweight and powerful than other types of batteries available. They are also safe to use as they are a type of dry cell that require no maintenance. In addition to this, they can be kept in any position and you won’t have to worry about it having a leakage or causing any damage to other parts of the motorcycle. 

Our Top Picks

Here is a list of batteries that have withstood our test of time and reliability. So, have a read and decide which best motorcycle battery suits your needs.

Best Maintenance Free Battery

 Yuasa AGM  Battery

For riders that are too busy to constantly check their bike’s battery, the Yuasa AGM Battery is the perfect pick. It makes use of Absorbed Glass Mat Separators so that water consumption is decreased to zero. This means that you will not have to keep daily tabs on the battery’s water levels and refill it every other day. 

The Yuasa AGM Battery has several remarkable features that make it among our top favourites. Unlike traditional batteries, it has a longer life span and does not need to be charged too frequently. It also has a spill proof design that has passed all safety tests successfully. 

While delivering maximum power, this high-performance battery is perfect for winter storage as it discharges significantly less in standby mode. This is possible due to its lead-calcium build that allows it to hold 3x more gravity than competitor batteries. All in all, it checks all our boxes for an ideal battery due to its reliability, durability, and low maintenance! 

Best Lithium Battery

Shorai LFX Lithium Battery

Known for its lightweight build and flawless performance, the Shorai LFX Lithium Battery is loved by all riders. Slower self discharges, zero sulfation due to capacity drops and high battery life are just a few of the reasons why. 

Once fully charged, the LFX battery will have sufficient starting capacity to crank up your bike without causing any harm to the battery itself even after sitting for one whole year. In fact, you may only need to charge the battery once every 6-12 months based on how often you use it and the temperature of your surroundings. Moreover, this lithium battery is extremely safe to use as it does not use any explosive gases like lead or acid. This also makes it environmentally friendly! 

The Shorai LFX battery recharges at record speeds, discharges slowly, and protects the environment which is practically everything that you need in an ideal battery. 

Best Budget Friendly Pick

 Megaboost Battery 

If your motorcycle battery suddenly goes bad and you do not have the budget for a costly oem battery, the Megaboost Battery is just what you need! It is a direct replacement battery that comes fully activated from the factory with acid already put in it. All you need to do is take it out of its box and put it on your bike. 

You will need to charge the battery for three hours before you can use it using a mega boost charger or maintainer. We recommend checking the slip of paper present inside the battery box to confirm how long you need to charge the battery before use. 

The Mega boost Battery is light on the pocket and is just as good as OEM batteries if not better. Thus, you should definitely consider getting one if your original bike battery has become faulty.

Find It Here

Best Durable Battery

 Antigravity ReStart Lithium Ion Battery 

The Antigravity ReStart Lithium Ion Battery is a one of a kind battery that can perform built in jumpstarts! It is unique, extremely powerful and has double the life cycle of traditional lead/acid batteries. 

Antigravity batteries is the first company in the world to introduce Re-Start Batteries that will eliminate the risk of riders getting stranded on deserted roads due to a dead battery. These batteries make use of an advanced Full Battery Management System that records and maintains over-discharge and over-charge. If the battery is over-discharging, it will automatically go into sleep mode so that there is just enough battery left to jumpstart it in case it dies. 

This smart Management System allows the Lithium ion battery to have extremely long life cycles and double the cranking amps of lead/acid batteries. Along with no self discharges, the battery also features a lightweight build with easy installation. 

The Antigravity ReStart Battery which is shocked, and vibration is specially recommended for racers and other riders that need a durable battery. Additionally, it also does not make use of acids and heavy metals which makes it considerably safer and better for the environment. 

Best Lightweight Battery

 Fire Power Featherweight Lithium Battery

While traditional batteries tend to be heavy and add considerably to the weight of the bike, the Fire Power Featherweight Lithium Batteries are extremely lightweight. In fact, they are only 30% of the weight of lead acid, and AGM batteries. However, this in no way means that batteries compromise on performance because they are some of the most powerful ones available in the market. 

Featuring long life cycles and increased cold cranking amps, these featherweight batteries can be charged extremely quickly. All they need is 6 minutes to charge up to 90% of their total capacity! Additionally, they also have an added LED test gauge built into its body so that you are always aware of your battery’s charging. Just make sure to check the gauge every time you leave your house to ensure that the battery is sufficiently charged for your journey, and you will never have to worry about getting stranded on a deserted road ever again! 

The Fire Power Featherweight Lithium Batteries are easy to install. You also will not have to get worked up about placing the battery in a safe position as they do not have any combustible or explosive fuels. They also come with a two-year warranty which shows that the producers are extremely confident about how great their product is.

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