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alan katkich

Best Motorcycle Helmet Cleaner

Our helmets are a sizable investment. If you are anything like me, you want to look good on your bike at all times. Keeping your helmet sparkling clean is one way to do that. We should not neglect the inside either. Imagine the hours of sweat built up in there. Would you wear any article of clothing on you that you sweat in for dozens upon dozens of hours?  

Helmet hygiene is more important than you might think. If you ever had a junebug smash into your helmet while riding down the highway, you know it feels like being shot with a paintball gun, and the results look like a crime scene. It’s gross, and you will want to grab that cleaner as soon as you get home because if you let it bake in the sun or leave it too long unattended on the shelf, that bug is going to become part of your helmet and really mess up your paint job. Pitting is the main concern. This is when those acidic little bugs eat away at your lids clear coat protection when left on too long. This will especially show on darker

colored helmets. 

We here at Moto Affliction grabbed a few of the top helmet cleaners on the market. We decided to try them out, show how they work and see if it’s worth the investment. Do these cleaners actually work? Or is this an expense you can skip. Let’s find out.

Motul Helmet Clean

A bottle of Motul Helmet Clean will set you back under 10 bucks or so, and it is worth every penny. Not only does it get rid of that alien size june bug corpse in swift order, but it also brings out the luster and shine of your paint and helmet design. It really does a great job getting the granular residue like dust off which is almost invisible to the naked eye, but over time builds up. It did a surprisingly great job on the visor as well. The Motul product goes deep and really puts a high shine on your helmet and restores it to its original state. Motul tends to make great products across the board, so it comes as no surprise that this is another great product.

Motorex Helmet Care

The Motorex spray cleans, deodorizes, and protects the shells and inner padding of your helmet for just under 12 bucks a can. Not a princely sum by any means but then again……not exactly a princely result either. Yes it does do what it claims to do, and it does it quite well, so no complaints by any means. It goes on with a foamy lather and really digs deep to provide a nice luster to the paint. The bugs didn’t come off quite as easy as with the Motul product but it still got the job done. As for the inside, I experienced a noticeable freshness after applying it and letting it dry. To be honest, it’s hard to tell if it’s actually any cleaner or if it’s like forgoing the shower and opting for spraying cologne. Either way, I was happy with this product.     

Muc-Off Foam Fresh Helmet Cleaner

The Muc Off brand is becoming synonymous with everything clean in the motorcycle world. With the Foam Fresh Helmet Cleaner you are getting what it says. Foam and a fresh scent. As for if it really cleans I can’t say for sure. I don’t doubt it freshens up the inside of your helmet. The scent is pleasant. There is just no way of knowing if it’s clean in the true sense of the word. There is nothing to measure the cleanliness by. It’s unlikely there is a ton of dirt in your road helmet so you can’t see an obvious difference. I would continue to use it though. I’m sure it wipes out some of that sweat. My helmet certainly smelled fresher after its use. The foam is easy to work with. Something is better than nothing. In between deep cleanings this product is useful. 

Muc-Off Visor Lens & Goggle Cleaner

For around 5 bucks for a small bottle, you can purchase the Muc-Off Visor Lens & Goggle Cleaner. Basically it removes dirt, dust, grime, snow, sweat and oily residue. This product surprised me. I’ve been using ordinary lens cleaners for a long time. The Muc Off to me seemed like a marketing ploy. After using it and seeing how effortlessly it removed grime and bugs, I was sold. It’s not that other products don’t do the same thing. They do. It’s just that the Muc Off does it really, really well. A few sprays, let it sit a minute and a couple wipes and the visor is super clean. Throw one of these bottles in a tank bag or backpack and you will always have a clear visor with just a couple wipes. 

To summarize: 

The Motul Helmet Clean is the best product for cleaning the shell of your helmet hands down. It really gets rid of the granular matter that builds up over time and restores shine and lustre, plus it is powerful enough that you could probably have an entire groundhog stuck to your helmet, and it would get it off. 

Motorex Helmet Care Spray says it cleans the shell and liner of your helmet  and it does. So there’s that. However, As good as it cleans the shell of your helmet, I give a slight edge to the Motul Helmet Clean here. It’s just a bit better at getting the bugs off easier. But I like that I can use it on the inside as well.

 The Muc-Off Foam Fresh Helmet Cleaner cleans the liner of your helmet well, and gets rid of all the sweat, dirt and grime with its simple easy to use foaming spray. It has one job, and it does it efficiently. It could also be handy on an adventure or road trip because it is also handy for cleaning boot liners and just about anything that is made of fabric, and getting the stank off your gear on a road trip with one product would be a nice luxury. 

Muc-Off Visor Lens & Goggle Cleaner is the big surprise here for me. I didn’t think It would be anything special. I was surprised at how little work it took to wipe a bug riddled visor clean. 

I think these products have a place on your shelf. Although you can use various other cleaners not specifically marketed for motorcycles on your helmet, the gain here is how efficiently these products get the job done. They work and they work very well with little effort. A quick spray and a bit of a wipe and you get great results. Lets face it, we’d rather be riding than fussing over our gear.  

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