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Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock: Don’t Lose Your Lid!

All of us have dismounted our bikes, popped our helmets off and laid them to rest on the mirror or hanging off our handle bar end. We walk away to go into a store or coffee shop. The anxiety sets it. You picture yourself walking back to your bike and finding your helmet gone. Now what? Not only are you out the several hundred dollars you paid for your helmet, you are now stuck. You’re unable to ride home. Or at least ride home safely depending on your regions helmet laws! 

All this unnecessary anxiety and drama can be avoided. Let’s look at the best motorcycle helmet locks.

What Are These Things?

Helmet locks are simple devices. They enable you to secure your helmet to your bike. Some are simple steel wires with a locking device. Others are mechanisms that can mount to a section of your bike for a more permanent application. Some products are combination operated while others utilize a key lock. Some locking devices have a long enough steel cord to allow you to lock your jacket as well as your helmet. 

We found that most act as a deterrent more than anything. For the most part this is perfectly adequate. Most thieves prefer easy targets. Just like car door windows aren’t impenetrable, these locks should make it difficult enough to draw their efforts elsewhere. I highly recommend the small investment in these devices. It gives peace of mind while protecting the hard earned money we spend on our gear. Unfortunately there are thieves out there.

Here are my picks for best motorcycle helmet lock. 

Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock 

Big Pantha

My pick for the best motorcycle helmet lock is from Big Pantha. It utilizes a rubber coated carabiner and coil braided steel cable. The cable stretches up to 6 feet. This allows you the ability to lock two helmets if needed or a jacket as well. The cable has a protective coating so your bike is protected from scratches. 

It uses a three digit number combination for its locking device. No worrying about losing a key. 

To use, simply open the carabiner. Run the coiled cable through your helmet. The chin bar or D ring are ideal spots to use. From there simply find a location on your motorcycle to run the cable through to secure it to the bike. You can use either its frame, crash bars etc. Then close the carabiner and its secure.

It’s small enough to fit in your pocket and could also fit under most seats. 

Some users thought the 3 digit locking mechanism was a bit troublesome in that it took a couple tries to open. 

Overall most are were happy with it and felt it was a quality product. 

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Guaimi Bike Specific Locks

If you are looking for a more permanent, custom solution for locking your helmet, the Guaimi line of locks might be for you.

Guaimi helmet locks are specifically designed for your bike. Once installed it looks like your bike came with the lock from the factory. 

The locks utilize existing mounting points on the bike. For example, the passenger foot peg mounts. Its design takes advantage of these points and seamlessly integrate the lock into the aesthetics of your particular bike. As an added bonus the keyed locking mechanism often comes in different colors to further match your bikes aesthetics. Most customers were very happy with the fit. Some did however complain that it did need some fabrication to fit. This was rare and could be attributed to a specific bike. 

I personally really like this option of lock for the mount it and forget it aspect. Also how it gives a factory installed look. It didn’t make the top of our list simply due to the fact that Guaimi doesn’t make one for every bike out there. Although the selection is fairly big. 

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Third on our list is from Helmetlok. Helmetlok is simply a rubberized carabiner with a four digit combination lock. 

No cord comes with the lock although one can be purchased separately. With Helmetlok you simply slip the carabiner through the D ring of your helmet and attach it to any part of your bike that the carabiner can slip through. This could be the handle bars, frame section or crash bars if installed. If your helmet has a ratchet style strap, you can use the included T bar. It slides under the ratchet and allows you to lock the carabiner through a hole in the T bar.

With Helmetlok there is less worry about tampering. No cable is used. Cables can be cut fairly easily by a determined thief. Cutting through the carabiner of the Helmetlok would be a difficult task that most if not all would be thieves wouldn’t be bothered with. When more security is needed, let’s say for longer times away from the bike, Helmetlok is ideal. 

Carrying the Helmetlok is easy. It will fit into most pockets or you can clip it on your belt loop. Storing it under your seat compartment is also a possibility. 

One big complaint from some was that the T bar extension does not work with some Shoei helmets. Unfortunately the packaging does not mention which ones specifically so be aware. 

Others felt the combination lock could be more precise.

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Lockstraps 901 helmet lock 

From a company called Lock-it Straps comes the lockstraps 901 helmet lock. 

I really like the simplicity here. 

This product  uses a carabiner with a heavy duty material strap. It has a three digit combination lock. Sewn inside the strap is a three millimeter steel braided cable. The strap is two feet long. 

Same idea as other cable locking helmet straps. Run the strap through your helmet and feed it through a section of your bike.

Of note here is that the Lockstrap may not be ideal for open face helmets as it’s unlikely the material strap will fish through the D ring easily. 

Customers loved how robust the strap and lock combo is. 

Some liked the fact that the two foot strap allows you to lock a jacket up as well.

Some felt the combination lock was not very precise but this didn’t seem to be a major concern. 

Other customers liked the versatility of the Lockstrap. It allows them to lock duffel bags or backpacks to the bike as well.

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Bikers Choice Helmet Lock

The Bikers Choice Helmet Lock bolts directly onto any ⅞ – 1 ¼ inch tubular section of your bike. This eliminates the need to carry a lock with you at all times as it’s always on the bike itself. It comes in chrome or black finishes to suit a wide variety of styles. 

A potential drawback I see with this product is that on some modern bikes it may be that you won’t have a suitable tubular mounting point. Be aware of this with your bike.

The locking mechanism is key operated. 

The lock mounts to your bike using tamper proof screws.

Once mounted, simply open the lock, secure your D rings into the device, close and lock. Simple. 

Some customers complained the fit wasn’t as good as they hoped it would be. Some struggled to find a suitable mounting spot. 

Others said the quality wasn’t what was expected. 

For the most part, owners of the product were happy with the purchase and felt it did the job of keeping their helmets secure while off the bike.

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The Big Pantha gets my nod for top lock in this comparison. It’s simple and has the ability to lock multiple items of gear at once. With its six feet of cord it is a very versatile piece of kit. It fits easily in a pocket, tank bag or under your seat.

You can use it with or without the cable for a more robust lock to secure one helmet. 

The other products on the list do a good job as well but might not be suitable for certain applications. We see no such limitations with the Big Pantha. Having said that, if a universal bike mounted lock is what you are looking for, then the Bikers Choice lock is a suitable option. Or if a more custom fit is what you desire then the Guaimi might be more your thing. They will all do their job at the end of the day. That’s keeping thieves moving on to more easy targets. 

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