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alan katkich

Best Motorcycle Jeans 2021: Top 5

When it comes to motorcycle gear, the most overlooked is what we wear on our legs. For the most part, we feel that with our helmet, jacket, riding shoes and a pair of gloves we are good to go. We hop into our favorite, everyday jeans and off we ride. We do this because it’s practical. 

Most of us do not feel comfortable wearing a full on race suit or over pants to hit the streets. It’s a bit overkill for the everyday type of riding and we would feel awkward being off the bike in such a get up. 

This is where motorcycle jeans come in. Over the last few years companies have been making motorcycle specific jeans that look just like our favorite pair of regular jeans. Most importantly, they offer the protection we need in case of an accident. In this article we are going to look at the best motorcycle jeans for 2021.

Jeans In This Review

How We Select

To make our list of best motorcycle jeans, each pair must represent the best option in a few different categories.

  • Style
  • Price range
  • Protection offered
  • Positive customer feedback
  • Overall brand reputation
  • Rider appeal

 Pretty much every rider is looking for at least one of these aspects, so we took the best of each and compiled our list. So without further adieu, let’s break down the five best motorcycle jeans.

Best Value

Scorpion EXO Covert

Scorpion is a name that is well known in the motorcycle apparel world. Best known for their helmets, they have started branching out to other areas of protective gear.

I’m gonna tell you, they really nailed it in the price department with these jeans.

For less than what you would pay for a premium regular jean, you are getting a Kevlar lined pant. 

The Covert starts with a heavyweight 12.5oz denim on the exterior. On the interior you are getting Kevlar lining from the waist, through the hip and to just above the knees. 

So what’s the catch you must be asking? Well on the interior you get pockets in the hips and knees for armor but no armor. You must purchase this separately. 

I do not begrudge this move by Scorpion. Riding pants can get expensive. Scorpion has gotten the rider that is on a budget into a protective, Kevlar lined pant. This is infinitely better than regular denim even without the armor. You always have the opportunity to upgrade to armor once your finances agree.

The fit is relaxed without being baggy. It will suit most any style of bike you are riding.


  • Price
  • Kevlar
  • Transitional style


  • No included armor

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Best For Sport Riding

Rev’it! Lombard 2

 No sports rider likes the cuffs of their pants flapping in the wind. With its tapered, not overly slim style, these jeans really lend themselves well to the sport rider. Rev’it! has catered to the american market with these jeans. They offer a little more room yet still retain a slim profile. These jeans will look proportional to a tighter fitting sport riding jacket. 

It’s constructed with raw, waxed, 12.5oz denim. The denim is infused with Cordura. This gives this garment very good slide protection. It’s rated for a six second slide at 60mph and offers triple stitching on the outer seams. 

Incorporated in the knees are Seesmart, CE level-1 flexible armor. I personally love this padding, it’s protective yet pliable. This is in contrast to hard plastic that can be cumbersome and create pressure points. No hip armor is included which is a bummer. It does include pockets to add some later if you so choose. 

Also on the inside is what Rev’it! calls PWR Shield at the knees and seat. This is supposed to offer the same protection as Kevlar but with more breathability. 

Overall a stylish and protective pair of jeans from a reputable brand.


  • SEESMART protection
  • Quality denim
  • Cooler than Kevlar


  • No hip armor included

Best Women’s Jeans

Alpinestars Banshee Protective Leggings

What woman doesn’t like the comfort and fashion versatility of a pair of leggings?

The thoughtful minds at Alpinestars have incorporated the look and feel of your favorite pair of leggings and turned them into an effective, protective pair of moto pants. But to be accurate, think jeggings with these.

These leggings will look great whether you are on a sportbike, cafe, or cruiser. Off the bike they will look just as great.

These are a two to three season pant geared more towards warm weather riding.

The Banshee Leggings are made with extra stretchy, poly blend fabric. This creates a slim anatomical fit.

 There is a wide, comfortable compression panel along the waist with belt loops. The belt loops are kind of useless in most cases with the fit being offered here. They would look a bit more streamlined without them. 

At the knees you have accordion stretch panels. These help keep the shape of the pants in check while in the seated position on the bike. Your cuffs won’t ride up.

On the inside you have a Kevlar twill lining throughout the pant. This offers slide protection from the waist to the ankles. The twill is a bit more breathable than full on Kevlar which can get very hot.  Along with that there is CE-2 level armor at the knees. Alpinestars has done a great job of keeping the profile slim even with the knee armor. The pants do not look bulky with protruding knee armor when walking off the bike. Hip armor is not included but pockets are sewn in if you choose to add some.

There are a couple things to note if you are considering a pair. If you are in between sizes it’s probably best to go smaller. As noted before, there is a ton of stretch here. 

As for footwear, be mindful of whether you prefer your boots/shoes tucked in or over your pants. The pants likely won’t look too flattering with larger boots if you prefer your pants to be over the boots.

There is  great appeal for these pants for the female rider. To have a flattering look on and off the bike is a huge bonus.


  •  Comfortable
  • Stylish, flattering design
  • Alpinestars quality


  • Lose the belt loops

Best Cruiser/Relaxed Style Jeans

Street And Steel Oakland

The Oakland’s are on the same wavelength as the Scorpion Coverts. Here you have a jean just over that hundred dollar mark that offers great value. 

The Street And Steel Oaklands are a straight leg cut. They nail that relaxed, weekend jean look. Nothing overly Euro or aggressive here. Just your average jeans look. These are particularly well suited if you prefer to wear a bigger, bulkier boot. They will slide over them nicely. They have just enough of a tapper at the cuff to prevent too much flapping as you are cruising down the road. 

The Oaklands are made with a 12oz denim. The lowest in this review but still beefy. They are a stretch jean infused with Aramid. This means they will stand up much better to the heat generated in a slide than regular jeans. The Aramid is reinforced through the knee, hip, and seat. 

As for impact resistance, you are getting CE- level 1 armor in the knees. No option for hip protection.

If you are looking for a basic, protective riding jean without all the bells and whistles these are a great choice. They come in a black and blue. For the casual everyday look, the Oaklands are tough to beat.


  • Price
  • Aramid infused
  • Relaxed, comfortable fit


  • No option for hip armor

Best Premium Jean

Dainese Strokeville Jeans

If you are looking for a fashion forward jean with top quality construction, the Strokevilles are the winners here. 

These are a slim, regular fitting jean. What  does that mean? Well what Dainese has done is given us the best of both worlds. Some of us like a slim fit through the leg but not necessarily in our waist. With the Strokevilles you get a regular, comfortable fit in the waist and a slim fit through the leg.

The denim is premium with Aramid woven through it. They have a bit of stretch but I wouldn’t classify them as a stretchy jean. There are Kevlar reinforced panels through the knees and the seat. Not all of the seat though. Just down the middle. 

You get the Dainese Pro Armor in the  knees. These are softer, more breathable pads that offer CE-1 protection. The hips have pockets for Pro Armor if you desire to add them.

The Stroveville is a button fly jean. I prefer button fly in a riding jean myself. I’ve had riding jeans where the zip fly just wouldn’t stay up. This is usually attributed to how stretchy they are. No issues with that here. 

It incorporates tasteful,  red accent stitching in spots  

The cut of these jeans is top quality. The waist has a generous riser so your butt crack isn’t exposed while riding in the tuck. The knee incorporates a gusset that keeps the jean looking natural when your feet are back up on the peg. The cut is well thought out and in keeping with what Dainese does. They make quality gear. The price is a bit higher but you are getting value for that. 

Dainese fails to disappoint yet again. 


  • Dainese quality
  • More comfortable armor
  • Button fly


  • Pricey


Only a few years ago there was not this much selection in riding jeans. Companies have listened to their customers and have begun to offer a wide selection of styles for riders. 

There is no excuse now to be riding without your legs being protected. There is a jean for every style and price point you can think of. 

The Dainese Strokeville are the overall winner here. The Quality that Dainese builds into their gear is well thought out. Having said that, this jean may not be for everyone. Whether it’s the overall style or the price, no single pant will be perfect  for everyone. The others on the list are all solid, proven choices in the marketplace. 

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