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Best Motorcycle Lift Table

Raise your hand if you prefer to do basic maintenance on your bike yourself. Keep it up if you hate crawling around on the garage floor to do it. How about cleaning your bike? I bet you hate bending over for an hour or more to  get into every nook and cranny of the engine and rims.

I’m with all those that find it a difficult chore. I’ve taken my bike for service many times because I find it’s not worth the hassle. Us older folk just aren’t made for bending down on the cold hard floor for that long. Enter the motorcycle table lift.  Whether performing a complete rebuild or basic chain maintenance, a lift makes the job much easier. There is no question about it. 

So you have a garage and want to add a lift. Where do you start?  We researched several brands and came up with a few good options. At Moto Affliction, we like to break down our findings into categories that typical owners may find themselves in. The weekend warrior won’t require the same versatility as the shop owner. So if you are considering one of these in your home garage, read on and see what we recommend.

Best Basic Lift

Titan Ramps Hydraulic Lift Table 

We picked the Titan Ramps lift table as the best for the rider who needs a good, basic lift. This table won’t break the bank. It’s sturdy design allows for a 1000lbs lift. This will cover most bikes out there. It’s not a good idea to max the lift though so leave yourself a bit of room. The table should do 800lbs just fine. It comes pretty much assembled out of the create. All that needs to be put on are the small stuff like bolting down the front wheel chalk and bolting the wheels on. Once it’s all assembled it operates on two foot levers. One to pump the table up and the other to release the pressure and lower it. Both levers are removable so they are out of your way when walking around the table. The biggest gripe with the table is the wheel chock. It does the job but it is a very primitive set up. It’s basically a big C clamp with plates to squeeze the tire. It works. It’s just not the best. On the plus side the steel is thick and sturdy. The dimensions are relatively small and will fit easily in most garages. This table will suit the weekend warrior just fine. It’s not high tech. Its a very rudimentary table designed simple to get the job done. Yet it’s a reliable addition to any garage

Length With RampLength Without RampWidthMin HeightMax Height
105.75 inches81.25 inches21.5 inches8.25 inches33.75 inches

Best Full Featured 

Black Widow Extra Wide Pneumatic Lift

The Black Widow Pneumatic Lift is a bit more heavy duty than the Titan Ramps model reviewed above. It toes the line between professional grade and home use. With a very robust 1500lbs lift capacity, there isn’t much this table won’t get in the air. 

It does require an external air compressor capable of 90psi. 

The width of this table allows you to place parts and tools right in front of you as you work. It features a solid wheel chock. You can actually ride your bike right up the ramp and into the chock. It’s that roomy. Once you are in the chock you can even extend the kickstand and hop off. All this makes this table really easy to live with. With all that though comes the added space it takes up and of course the price. If you have the room though, this table will make life very easy for you. I would recommend this table for the riders who do more than basic maintenance on their bikes themselves. If you are comfortable working on primaries and reassembling clutch plates, this table has all the work space you will need.

Length With RampLength Without RampWidthMin HeightMax Height
102 inches78 inches47 inches6.75 inches33.5 inches

Best Bang For The Buck

Auto lift 1000m Motorcycle Lift 

The Auto Lift 1000m is a great option for the home garage or small business. This table runs off your air compressor at a minimum 90psi. At a 30 inch maximum table height, everything is where you need it to be to get the job done. It comes with a sturdy front wheel chock. I would maybe add some carpeting to the inside of the chock just for added scratch protection. It’s on the narrow side but that may make it more usable for some in smaller spaces. The down side being you don’t have as much room to place tools and parts in front of you. This will really depend on the size of your bike though. A smaller bike will afford you more space.  If I was in a tight space that wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me.

Once you are finished using it you can lift the one end and move it out of the way on its two front wheels. It will still be on the floor but at least you can get it out of the middle of your garage. For the price this is one of the best bang for the bucks out there. 

Length With RampLength Without RampWidthMin HeightMax Height
108 inches84 inches24 inches7 inches30 inches

Best For Smaller Spaces

Kendon Folding Lift Table 

 Can’t afford to have a lift taking up valuable space? Get the Kendon Folding Table. Kendon offer two tables. One less expensive that is suitable for sport bikes and dirt bikes that’s capable of a 600lbs lift. Also a larger one for bigger bikes capable of 1000lbs. I’d recommend going bigger. It is more money but it insures you can lift any bike you may have in the future. 

Once you open up the crate, you will find a bit of assembly is necessary. It’s nothing too involved. It’s just a few nuts and bolts for the wheel vice, ramp ect. 

After it is all assembled you will see its a very compact design. It is by no means a work table. It’s wide enough for your bikes wheels and that’s about it. That’s not a bad thing as it does save lots of space. Care is needed when rolling the bike up the ramp as there is not a lot of room for error. It’s something you’d likely become a pro at in time. 

You will notice the wheel chock has a nice articulating locking mechanism. It holds the front wheel securely as you strap the bike down. 

There are two ways to raise the platform. Use either the handle that operates a hand pump or attach an air compressor. If doing it by hand, it requires about 100 pumps to get the bike to its max height. Not a big deal if you are only using the lift occasionally. If you are using it more often, say for a build, then consider a compressor. 

Once your work is done, simply lower the table by releasing the air, fold the ramp and lift the one end up onto its wheels. Now it’s standing straight up and you can wheel it against the wall or anywhere in your garage. This is a fantastic feature to have if you still need to park your car or simply want it out of the way. No other table on the market does this. 

Length With RampLength Without RampWidthMin HeightMax Height
97 inches73 inches28 inches8 inches32 inches

Best Build Quality

Handy 1200 Lift Table

Made in the USA, this is a quality built, professional grade table. Its compact design will work well in most any garage. 

What sets this lift apart from the others is its lifting mechanism. It achieves its lift from a large industrial air spring in the center of the scissor legs. It looks very similar to an air spring you would see on a semi tractor trailer. It’s a simple effective design that is maintenance free. This gives the table a whopping 1200lbs lift capacity. It will literally lift any bike that’s currently on the market. Once hooked up to an air compressor the table travels quickly to its maximum height. The quickest i’ve ever seen. What is the maximum height? An unheard of 40 inches! This allows you a lot of versatility for various tasks. On the down side the wheel chock must be ordered separately from Handy Industries. The chock is a solid piece. It includes thoughtful padding already in place to protect your rim. 

This lift is for those who don’t mind spending more in order to get one of the best built lifts on the market. This lift will give its owner literally decades of maintenance free use. Just greasing the pivot point once in a while. Hany Industries backs this table with a lifetime warranty.  And they’ve been in business for more than 60 years. 

Length With RampLength Without RampWidthMin HeightMax Height
114 inches84 inches24 inches8 inches39 inches


Anyone I know who purchased a motorcycle lift table has always wondered how they got on without one. It’s life changing for the rider that wants to work on their bike. You don’t need to be a full on grease monkey to get use out of one. Just the other day I watched as my brother in law was trying to attach a new belly cowl to the bottom of his CB 650. What a chore! It would have been so much easier on a lift. Factor in lubing the chain and some deep cleaning, you begin to see how valuable they become. All of these lifts here were chosen for their suitability as a garage lift for the average rider for their home. The range runs from inexpensive, to space saving, to having all the bells and whistles and to the best built. It  depends on your needs and your personality as to what will work for you. These tables were chosen for their ability to work well no matter what your needs are. So go ahead and change your life. Your back and your bike will thank you.  

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