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alan katkich

Best Motorcycle Rain Gear: Our Top Picks To Keep You Dry

Getting wet sucks. Riding for any length of time while drenched is not only uncomfortable, it can be dangerous too. Mentally its draining and hypothermia is a real risk. We all know how uncomfortable riding in wet clothes can get. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to all your rain troubles- good motorcycle rain gear!

Motorcycle Rain Gear is often overlooked by riders. However, it is one of the most essential things for a motorcyclist because let’s face it, at one point or another we’ve all been caught in a heavy downpour and faced absolute misery as we ride through town in our uncomfortable wet clothes. This is where Motorcycle rain gear steps in. It will keep you as dry as a bone while also helping you focus on riding as opposed to how uncomfortable you are in your wet clothes. Additionally, it will also make you more visible to other motorists due to its noticeable colors and reflective materials. All in all, you will have a much safer and pleasant rain riding experience.

We, at Moto Affliction, did a great deal of research and picked out the best motorcycle rain gear available in the market including jackets, pants, and two-piece suits. All of these are from reputable brands that are trusted by motorists all around the globe because of their high quality. They are all investments worth making as they will surely give you the ultimate rain riding experience.

 Rain Jackets

Best Classy and Minimalist Jacket

 REV’IT! Nitric 2 H20 Rain Jacket

The REV’IT Nitric 2 rain jacket features a classic jacket look with an overcoat cut and two waterproof oversized pockets on the outside. It’s the perfect choice for those riders that want something reliable and minimalistic.

The jacket is 100 percent waterproof and will keep out every single drop of rain even during heavy downpours. The stylish reflective prints on its chest and back will increase your visibility and protect you from getting into accidents.

As for the fit, the REVIT Nitric 2 jacket has adjustable tabs on the cuffs, the upper arms as well as the waist and will fit you like a glove. It also has a hood that can be easily stored inside the collar.

This rain jacket is long-lasting and durable and has superior fit and comfort.  For a small price, you can even add in a two-year warranty, but we are sure you won’t need it!

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Best High End Jacket

Klim Forecast Jacket

While the Klim Forecast Jacket is on the pricier side, it is well worth its money due to its high-end features.

The jacket features Gore-Tex’s two-layer lamination technology along with water-resistant zippers to keep you dry. It has also been certified for its waterproofness! Perhaps our favorite feature of the jacket is how compact it is. You can just roll it up and stuff it into its own pocket to easily store it away!

It is made of reflective material for visibility and has adjustable fasteners on the wrist cuffs along with a hem shock cord on the bottom that can be adjusted to ensure that the jacket fits perfectly.

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Best Budget-Friendly Rain Jacket

Dainese Rain Jacket

The Dainese Rain Jacket is a two in one jacket perfect for rainy as well as chilly weather. Its waterproof material will keep you safe from getting wet as well as act as a windbreaker for those cold chilly evenings.

This rain jacket is extremely easy to store and carry so you can always carry it with you during the monsoon season for protection against sudden heavy rains. It has wrist adjustments, two front pockets and is extremely lightweight. It is also light on the pocket which makes it even better.

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Best Budget-Friendly Rain Jacket

Olympia New Horizon Rain Jacket

If you are looking for a rain jacket that is budget-friendly and has superior features, the Olympia New Horizon Rain Jacket is perfect for you.

Made of breathable nylon, this jacket is extremely comfortable and fits perfectly due to the Velcro straps present on the elbows and wrists and the waist slide buckles. It also has an adjustable shock cord at the bottom.

This rain jacket comes with a storage pocket which makes it extremely easy to carry around. It also has a microfiber-lined collar for comfort, a mesh airflow lining for coolness, reflective piping for safety, and mesh panels for improved breathability.

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Best Two Piece Rain Suit

Tour Master Defender 2.0 Two Piece Rain Suit

If you are looking for a matching set of rain gear, look no further than the Tour Master Defender 2.0 which has stylish looks and superior comfort.

Perhaps the most unique and useful rain suit, the Tour Master Defender 2.0 is an absolute showstopper. The jacket is waterproof and has vents in the underarms to prevent moisture build-up. It has Velcro straps to provide a better fit and is made to be worn over motorcycle riding attire. Not only this, but the jacket also has an under helmet hood with an aqua barrier that prevents water from trickling down your neck and collar. Its dual wind flap and Velcro closure keep all the water out and keep you perfectly dry.

As for the pants, they are a piece of art themselves. They have thigh pockets, velcro closures to prevent water from running down your legs and an elastic panel on the waist to make them more comfortable.

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Rain Pants

Best Fashionable Rain Pants

REV’IT Acid H2O Rain Pants

Equipped with non-stick PVC free coating, these are the perfect classic rain pants to slide over any trousers. They are lightweight, easy to store, and have laminated reflections for better visibility.

The REV’IT Acid H20 Rain Pants are extremely comfortable to wear with an elastic waistband and adjustable ankle tabs. It is also reasonable priced which makes it a good pick for any and every rider.

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Best Rain Pants with Exhaust Protection

Olympia Horizon Rain Pants

Pair these pants with your Olympia Horizon Rain Jacket and you will have the perfect rain suit for even the heaviest of rainfalls. They are breathable, comfortable, and waterproof- all the things that should be in a good pair of rain pants.

These pants have exhaust pipe heat protection due to the presence of heat shields on the inside of the lower legs. They have velcro closures for better fit, unisex sizing, compact pocket storage, and adjustable slide waist buckles.

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Best High End Rain Pants

Klim Forecast Pants

Although they are quite expensive, the Klim Forecast Pants are perfect for those willing to spend a few extra bucks on a durable and versatile pair of rain pants.

The double lamination and water-resistant zippers make these rain paints extremely waterproof. They are also quite comfortable, and you can even wear your normal riding trouser underneath them without feeling confined.

The Klim Forecast Pants can be easily rolled up into their storage pocket for easy and compact storage.

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Best Multi-Use Rain Pants

Dainese Rain Pants

The Dainese Rain Pants are made of waterproof fabric that also acts as a windbreaker to keep you warm. They also have a waterproof side zipper that extends all the way up to the knee to make wearing long rain boots easier and more comfortable. 

These trousers are lightweight and easy to store. Their elastic waistband and adjustable leg bottom also make them extremely comfortable to wear. 

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Best Comfortable Rain Pants

Alpinestars Hurricane Rain Pants 

The Alpinestars Hurricane Rain Pants are perhaps the most comfortable pair of pants one can own. They are coated with 100 percent waterproof non-sticky nylon fabric that can be worn over fabric trousers easily. The seams of the pants have been tape sealed to ensure that no water leaks into them.

The pants also feature a light poly mesh lining for circulation of air so that you feel dry and comfortable at the same time. They also have an elastic waistband and elastic lower hem that make them more comfortable while also preventing water and wind from entering.  

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All of these rain jackets, pants, and suits do an excellent job of keeping you warm, dry, and comfortable. No matter your budget, I am sure you can find one that meets your needs without being heavy on your pockets in the list given above. Honestly, you can’t fully enjoy riding in the rain until you get your hands on good quality motorcycle rain gear so make sure you don’t delay stocking up on one.

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