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Best Motorcycle Shoes: Top 6 Picks

What a time to be a motorcycle rider. We’ve never had it so good. Honestly! It never used to be this way. We used to stop with drum breaks. We had to choke on a cold start. And our gear was dictated by function. Style was a distant second in most cases. Back in the day you could spot a motorcyclist from a mile away even if his bike was nowhere to be found. The jacket. The big black boots. It left no doubt. 

Things are a lot different today. We have ABS, fuel injection and protective gear that looks just as good walking around town as it does on our bikes. With excellent protection built in as well. 

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There is no shortage of different fashion options available today. You can totally pull together an individual look. 

Next to the evolution of protective jeans, the style choices for motorcycle shoes is like never before. The brands have listened to customers who want style to go along with protection.

In this review we look at the best, most stylish shoes available on the market today. Protection is still the name of the game. It doesn’t matter how good your shoes look if you risk having your foot destroyed in an accident. 

In this review we will stay focused on the shoe side of things. Meaning, this time around we will be staying away from motorcycle boots. Look for that in an upcoming article. 

The motorcycle shoes reviewed here will work for almost any style of riding. Whether  you are on a Harley or an R6 you will find something here.

Read on and discover what our six favorite motorcycle shoes are, and why we like them.

Alpinestars Faster 3 Rideknit/Drystar

For those who like their gear on the sporty side of things, the Alpinestars Faster 3 may be for you. 

It comes in two iterations. The Rideknit and the Drystar. The Rideknit utilises a mesh in its construction. Adorned on the tongue, top and side of the shoe, you get plenty of air flow to keep your feet cool on hot days. On the Drystars version the mesh is replaced with a microfiber material. As  the name implies, this is a waterproof version. For this reason the Drystar would be a good option for commuters. 

The Faster 3 is a CE rated shoe. This means there are reinforcements in the toe, heel and sides. This makes the Faster 3 not only good looking but protective as well. 

Having a CE rating in your footwear can mean it is extra stiff due to its protective reinforcements. Alpinestars made it so that the sole of the shoe still has plenty of flex. This allows you to still walk around in comfort if you need to.

You get a bit of TPU protection on the outside toe for those that get aggressive. 

You should be somewhat weary of laces on your motorcycle shoes. You don’t want them flapping in the wind or coming undone. The Faster 3 has a nice Velcro strap along the top to keep them neatly tucked away.

These shoes come in four color options so there is something for everyone.

TCX Street Ace WP/Air Shoes

TCX is an Italian company that has been at the forefront of stylish motorcycle shoes and boots for some time. The Street ACE WP/Air shoes have been a massive sales success and for good reason. Riders recognize the bang for the buck that you get with these shoes.

 As you can see there are two versions. WP for waterproof and a perforated version for air flow.

The Street Ace is a full-grain leather shoe that is CE rated. 

The WP version comes in all black while the Air version has a distressed leather look that I really like. There is also a ladies version as well. 

On the ankle you are getting built in, hidden protectors.

On the down side, the laces are exposed like a regular sneaker. Not ideal but goes with the territory for a shoe that is meant to be worn off the bike as much as on.

The sole has a good amount of flex for walking but still provides enough stiffness to be protective. 

Forma Hyper Shoe

The Italians know a thing or two about style. Here we have yet another Company from Italy offering a super stylish motorcycle shoe.

The Hyper Shoe is a casual shoe.

It offers a CE rating for safety. This gives you a reinforced toe, heel and ankle.

 This is a tall shoe. It’s higher than your average high top sneaker. It is almost into boot territory. The style will suit many riders from sport to cruiser.

 I really like the stealth like reflectivity on it. The reflective patches are blacked out to keep the overall  style in check

The Hyper is waterproof. It incorporates a Dry-Tech liner on the inside that keeps water from penetrating down to your feet.  

The Hyper is a laced shoe with a zip entry. Set the laces ones and forget them. I prefer the convenience of a zip entry for my motorcycle shoes.

You get two color options with the Hyper. Black or a really sharp looking anthracite, distressed look.

Alpinestars J-6 WP Shoes

With the J-6 WP you are getting a lightweight, refined looking moto sneaker. 

With its CE rating you are getting the protection you need along with the look you want.  Big style points go to its suede heel and embossed logo on the side. The upper is made with full-grain leather. The J-6 has a kind of understated, stealthy look to it so it will look great for any style of bike

The sole is reinforced yet flexible enough for all day walking. The upper incorporates malleolus protection.

The J-6 is waterproof making it a good commuter option. One noticeable oversight though is the absence of any reflectivity. It is likely you will have some somewhere else on your gear. Maybe this is what Alpinestars is banking on here.

Alpinestars is well known for their ability to combine industry leading protection along with cutting edge moto style. The J-6 WP is a prime example of this philosophy.

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TCX Mood Gore-Tex

If you have read through this article so far, the TCX Mood Gore-Tex may look very familiar. 

That’s because it is pretty much the same as the TCX Ace that we took a look at above. The same but with a couple of differences. The biggest being that it incorporates Gore-Tex. Gore-Tex is legendary for not only being waterproof but being breathable as well.

 Other shoes usually offer a waterproof and a perforated version of the same shoe (like the Ace). With the Mood, you are getting the best of both worlds in one. With Gore-Tex being breathable so your feet won’t sweat as much.

The other difference is the leather. It is full-grain just like the Ace but you are getting a more vintage look. Coming in black and a light brown, the leather will age and distress nicely over time. 

For an extra few bucks, this is a more all encompassing option. No need to compromise on breathability or keeping your feet dry. The rest of the Mood falls in line with the Ace. You are getting a CE rated riding shoe that looks like a fashion sneaker. Do not let the looks fool you. This is built like a moto boot as far as beefyness and protection is concerned.

Alpinestars Sektor

The Sektor from Alpinestars is a sport oriented riding shoe that incorporates an F1 style to them. 

As always with Alpinestars, everything is tastefully put together using quality materials.

Of course this is a CE rated shoe from them with a bit more stiffness than some of the sneaker style shoes. In the sole is where you will find more reinforcement. Still walkable but with a little less range of motion than some of the others on this list. 

The Sektor comes perforated or non perforated depending on your needs. 

The  Alpinestars use a mesh on the interior of the shoe that keeps moisture at bay on hot days. 

This is a lace up shoe that incorporates a Velcro enclosure at the top to keep the laces neatly tucked away. 

If a dedicated sport style shoe is your thing, then the Spektor is a good choice. It keeps things understated yet technical. Design ques like a generous cut away in the achilles, gives you freedom of movement while shifting gears with your feet up on the rearsets. 

Patterned microfiber suede adorn the sides and give a quality look to the shoe.

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