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Best Motorcycle Tires: Hold The Road

Chances are if you are reading this article you are in the market for a new set of tires. If your tires are worn, don’t delay. Your tires are the only thing holding you to the road. If they are worn your handling along with its grip are compromised. Riding has enough risks. Take care of the ones you have complete control over like putting the best tires you can on your bike in a timely manner.

If you are a hardcore rider then you definitely know the difference that the right pair of tires can make. We, at Moto Affliction,researched hundreds of tires available in the market and picked out the best ones for each individual style of riding, from sport touring to adventure riding. All of the tires that we chose are from trusted high-quality brands and you can count on them to provide you with the ultimate motorcycle tires for a safe and fun motorcycle riding experience. 

Before we begin, be aware of a couple things first. For sport tires, the softer the tire, the more grip you will have. Although that is great, the quicker the tires will wear out. For me personally, I will take the best performance and grip over the longevity of a harder tire compound. As for touring tires, longevity may be the way to go if you are putting on thousands of miles regularly. It’s really a personal choice between ride quality or less ride quality in the name of longevity. There is no right or wrong choice. In this round up we offer a wide choice of what we feel is the best money spent depending on what you ride. 

Be aware also that it takes about one hundred miles of riding to fully scrub in an average set of brand new tires. This is when your tires will be roughed up enough to provide maximum traction. This is a safety issue so take it easy after you leave the shop with your new treads. 

Now, on to our picks of the best motorcycle tires.

Best Motorcycle Tires for Sport Bike

For those of you that love the adrenaline rush of whizzing through streets on your sport bike, the following two motorcycle tires are perfect for you. They are optimized to give you maximum speed, acceleration, stability, and cornering abilities.

Pirelli Diablo Rosso III Tires

Designed especially for superior grip on dry as well as wet surfaces, the Pirelli Diablo Rosso III tires are every sport bike rider’s best friend. The tires have been made using the World Superbike Championship technology and thus, you know for sure that these tires are nothing like your ordinary ones.

They feature brisk responses and lightning-fast turn ins and transitions which is especially important for sport bikes as you can turn corners with superior grip! They also have a bi-compound design which has a wide race compound strip to further aid in having a stronger grip, especially at a mid-lean angle. 

The best feature of these tires is their increased grip regardless of weather conditions. The road could be as wet as a soaking sponge or completely bone dry and these tires will have optimal grip in both scenarios due to the presence of silica compounds in them! Furthermore, the tires are also tubeless which means that you will have a more comfortable ride.

These tires have a soft compound and therefore will last around 3000 miles. Not a lot but this of course will fluctuate depending on how powerful your bike is. Longer for middleweight bikes.   All in all, the Pirelli Diablo Rosso III Tires are the perfect pair of tires to add to your sport bike and take bike riding to a whole new level! 

Metzeler Sportec M7 RR Tires

The price point and features of the German Metzeler Sportec M7 RR Tires are really impressive! If you want something that is light on your pocket but still offers a great variety of features and superior grip for sports biking, you should definitely opt for this pair of tires.

Whether you want to go on a road trip or just travel to and back from work, the Metzeler Sportec M7 RR Tires will provide you with a superior riding experience. Also, they have a strong grip in all types of weather conditions (wet, cold, and hot) so you do not have to worry if you get caught in an unpredicted downpour. 

The tires make use of Interact technology and high silica compounds along with dual compounds on the rear tire to introduce a relatively new concept, the concept of water drainage! They also have bridges on their longitudinal grooves to increase acceleration and stability. These bridges also allow for water evacuation in case you pass through a tarmac path. Furthermore, the build of the tires also features increased resistance to abrasion which in turn increases mileage capability so you can ride the bike for considerably longer periods. You  should get 3000 miles on the low end if you are an aggressive rider on a high horsepower bike.  

Best Motorcycle Tires for Sport Touring

To make the most of your sport-touring bike, pair it with one of the two tires mentioned below which combine the pros of sport tires with extended distance capabilities and enjoy the ultimate touring experience. Both tires are exceptional in absorbing bumps, tackling weather conditions, and providing you with a comfortable ride. 

Pirelli Angel GT Tires

Featuring superior grip in wet conditions, remarkable cornering abilities, and increased tire life along with high speeds, the Pirelli Angel GT Tires are unique tires made especially for sport touring. They Offer an incredible 10,000 mile lifespan (approximately).

They are tubeless to decrease the chances of them becoming flat while also increasing comfort and grip. They also feature extended mileage without making compromises on traction and grip which are essential to have a safe and smooth ride. Additionally, the tires also have a bi compound formula which makes handling corners extremely easy. 

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Dunlop Roadsmart 3 Tires 

The Dunlop Roadsmart 3 Tires feature Dunlop’s Interconnecting Groove Tread technology to allow for increased water evacuation which increases grip in wet conditions. They also make use of MultiTread compound to allow you to have superior control over your bike and travel longer distances without loss of grip. 

These tires are quite durable with extended life. They have a unique rayon ply carcass that allows for superior handling and feedback to make steering the bike easier. All in all, these tires have long life with high performance in all sorts of weather conditions. 

Best Motorcycle Tires for Dual Sport/ADV

If you enjoy off-road riding mixed with a bit of street riding, the following two pairs of tires will provide you with a grin-worthy ride. These tires are extremely versatile with a spectacular performance on mud, wet pavements, gravel, and much more. 

Continental Twinduro TKC80 Dual Sport Tires

The Contis are a classic in the ADV tire world. These tires can be used for normal day-to-day commutes as well as some adventuring riding through mountains, hills, and much more. They feature a ratio of 40 percent on-road riding and 60 percent off-road riding.

For superior grip and traction, these tires have compound and wide block treat patterns. They also have spectacular braking performance on all surfaces which is especially important for off-road riding. To top it all off, the tires also offer increased stability when cornering on soft land like muddy or sandy ground. 

Our favorite feature about the Continental Twinduro TKC80 Dual Sport Tires is their self-cleaning property. 

Michelin Anakee Adventure

Another legendary tire in the dual sport world. The Michelin Anakee offer a perfect balance between on-road and off-road riding with a ratio of 50:50 between the two. It has a unique tread design which has lots of open spaces to allow the tires to route water and sandy and muddy terrain. 

These tires are one of a kind as they do not compromise on longevity when riding on streets and adherence to the pavement when riding off-road. They are also special because each tire size has a unique tread pattern to better meet the requirements of the bike to which it will be installed. 

Best Motorcycle Tires for V Twin/Cruiser 

For long comfortable rides, the Pirelli Night Dragon Tires and the Dunlop American Elite Tires are unmatched. They are unique in their own ways and have lots of features that make them the best motorcycle tires for cruisers. 

Pirelli Night Dragon Tires 

The Pirelli Night Dragon tires are the ideal tires to pair with your V twin/cruiser. They have better road holding and adherence which makes riding for long periods much more comfortable. They also have great wet and dry grip along with increased grip on backroads. 

These tires offer riders increased mileage, around 8000 miles,  with no compromise on the grip. They are made of durable materials and will last you for a good amount of time, so they are definitely an investment worth making.

What makes these tires ideal for V twins and cruisers is their ability to have immense straight-line acceleration and traction because of the special compounds with which they are made. This means that you can ride your motorcycle at high speeds with increased stability. 

Dunlop American Elite Tires 

The Dunlop American Elite Tires are high-quality tires that go perfectly with Harley Davidson bikes. It features second-generation Multi-Tread technology to offer extended mileage which is important for cruising.

The tires pride themselves in being completely American; they were made and tested in the good ‘ol USA.. 

The Dunlop American Elite Tires have superior cornering performance and increased grip in dry as well as wet conditions. They have longer wear, better handling, and greater traction which makes them one of the best motorcycle tires for v twins and cruisers. 

Best Motorcycle Tires for Cafe/Vintage

For Cafe Style Motorcycles, we recommend the Bridgestone Battlax BT45 high-performance tires and the Shinko 240 Classic Tires. Both of them are high-quality tires that are durable and long-lasting. 

Bridgestone Battlax BT45 High-Performance Tires

If you have an older-style bike, the Bridgestone Battlax BT45 should be your choice of tires. They offer all-around street performance with special focus on comfortable riding and extended mileage. 

The tires perform exceptionally well in wet conditions due to the silica compounds present in them. The rear tire also has a dual tread compound to provide longer life and improved traction. Furthermore, this tread also makes cornering easier. 

Shinko 240 Classic Tires 

The Shinko 240 Classic Tires are budget-friendly tires that offer a great variety of features. They have a vintage appearance but modern construction and performance.

The tires are specially designed to offer extended mileage. They also have an aramid belt to increase their grip and longevity. 

These classic tires have minimalistic features which provide a basic but comfortable riding experience at low costs.


A good set of motorcycle tires will transform your riding experience. All of the tires mentioned above are of top-notch quality and feature the latest technologies. However, it is also important to carry out regular maintenance of your tires if you really want your money’s worth. If you take care of your tires, we are sure they are going to last you for a good amount of time and give you a spectacular performance.

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