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Best Tent For Motorcycle Camping: Our Top 5

 You can’t afford to make a mistake in choosing the right tent. Once you hop on your bike and head miles from home, there is no turning back. If your shelter fails, you could be in for some trouble. 

Another thing you want to avoid is a costly mistake. Even if your shelter is technically sound, it may not suit your particular needs. Get the right tent for your requirements the first time so you can enjoy your adventures for years to come.

We believe the best tent for motorcycle camping is the: 

Alps Mountaineering Zephyr 2 person tent 

The reason we here at Moto Affliction believe this to be the best motorcycle camping tent are as follows

  • Size. For a 2 person shelter, it packs quite small fitting on most bikes and set ups.
  • Price. For around the $200 mark, you are getting a quality tent that is very packable. You could spend more and get extremely small and light but we aren’t backpacking here.
  • Quality. For its price the Zephyr can’t be beat in terms of quality. Again, you could spend more but you do not need to. 
  • Being a 2 person allows for flexibility in storing gear and bringing a friend 
  • Easy, quick setup and teardown
  • Two vestibules allow for added gear storage.
  • Two D doors allows for easy entry and exit with a partner or to get around gear. 
  • Excellent ventilation 

All of these features are important in a motorcycle camping tent. Having a quick setup and teardown, being lightweight,  having a small size and having storage for gear will make your life easy when out on an adventure. 

 Being out in the woods or at a campground miles from home, you can not afford your shelter to fail. Whether that be a zipper, a leak or a broken pole. You will have no such worries with the Alps Mountaineering Zephyr. This tent is exceptionally well made and will last many years. 

With its compact packing size, the Zephyr is the perfect tent to pack on sportbikes or standard bikes that have little space to work with as well as any other type of bike.

Is This Tent For You?

Does this mean the Alps Mountaineering Zephyr is the perfect tent for your needs? Well, it may not be. Maybe you have a very extensive trip planned and you prefer a bit more in the way of creature comfort. Or maybe you are extremely minimalist and you would prefer the bare minimum is shelter options. 

Recognizing that not everyone camps and travels the same, we came up with other options to address each individual’s needs. 

What follows are some other tents that we recommend that will fulfill the various requirements different moto campers may have. We will break it down into different segments and offer what we believe to be the best options out there.

Best Adventure Motorcycle Camping Tent 

Lone Rider MotoTent 

This is the ultimate motorcycle specific, travel/ adventure tent. Not only does it house you and your gear, it houses your bike too! Yes that’s right, it has a garage for your baby to stay covered through the night and away from prying eyes. 

With all that comes added size. This isn’t a compact tent. Having said that, it can be carried on a medium to large ADV motorcycle with ease. 

There are a few things that we really appreciate with this tent. One is that you can stand up in it. This tent isn’t the best option for the occasional camper that likes to hit the nearby state parks once or twice a year. This tent is for travelers. If you are traveling and camping night after night, the ability to stand up in your shelter is a godsend. It allows you to get into and out of your riding gear and clothes without being seen. Also if the weather is bad this is a huge bonus when getting changed. 

The other thing we love is the garage for your bike. If you are traveling you will inevitably need to do routine maintenance. The garage allows you to perform those tasks in comfort. No need to worry about driving rain or the searing sun making these tasks more trouble than they need to be. Plus it’s just a nice place for your bike to sit through the evening away from the hot sun, rain or condensation.

You get all this plus the ability to store gear, sleep two and live very comfortably. 

If traveling is what you do then this tent is a must.

Find it at

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Best Budget Friendly Motorcycle Tent 

Alps Mountaineering Lynx 2 Person Tent

Listen, you can go really cheap on tents but we do not recommend you do that. You’ll be asking for trouble out on the road that’s for sure.

We feel the Alps Mountaineering 2 Person Tent strikes a good balance between quality and budget consciousness.

Being a 2 person tent gives you flexibility for storage or to bring a friend. 

It packs down to 19.5 inches X 6 inches which is not quite as small as the Zephyr but close. It will fit in most duffle bags or panniers. 

One recommendation we would make would be to invest the small amount of money it would take to upgrade the pegs. The supplied pegs are not the best. As for the rest of the tent, you are getting a waterproof, comfortable shelter for a reasonable price.

It features a two pole design for simple setup. The rain fly will keep you dry while allowing for needed ventilation. 

The front of the fly pegs out to offer a generous vestibule to keep your gear covered and away from condensation overnight. 

The Alps Mountaineering Lynx offers great value for the moto camper.

Best Minimalist Tent

Catoma Adventure Shelter

If you are the type of motorcycle camper who simply needs a tent to crash in and nothing more. Who values minimalism. Who wants the quickest setup and teardown possible, then a Catoma adventure shelter is for you. 

This thing packs small. It packs down to the size of a larger frisbee. . This makes it easy to be stashed on any style of bike. Especially ones where space is at a premium. 

It assembles by itself and then gets staked out. The whole system is under tension when it is packed up. Release the straps and the tension and the whole tent snaps into shape in an instant It takes literally 1 minute to erect. Perfect for the rider who doesn’t want the hassle when he gets to camp after a long days riding. 

Use a tarp if you plan on hitting bad weather as this is more of a bug protector.

You won’t have a ton of room left for gear but you can stuff some inside with you if you don’t mind sharing the space.

Again, this is for the rider who wants to crash at sunset and get up and hit the road quickly in the morning. Excellent for those that want more time sitting by the fire and less time setting up camp. 

With its simplicity and innovation, we just had to include it in our list

Also consider:

Marmot Crane Creek 2 person tent

An honorable mention is the Marmot Crane Creek 2 person tent. The backpacking/hiking world provides great options for motorcycle campers and the Marmot is a quality option. 

This Tent can be set up in about 10 minutes. 

It features double D doors for super easy entry and exit of you, your gear or a partner. 

The fly is a quality polyester material that will keep you dry from condensation and driving rain along with its bathtub floor design. Everything is taped and sealed to keep you and your stuff dry.

This Tent has excellent ventilation which is really important and a sign of a quality tent.

It’s a 2 pole set up, typical of freestanding dome tents.

The pegs are quality aluminum.

With a reasonable pack size, it won’t bog you down as you pack your bike.


My personal motorcycle camping tent is the Alps Mountaineering Zephyr. I stand by this tent as the best bang for the buck you can get. It suits my needs perfectly. Except for maybe the hard core, round the world adventure rider, the Zephyr will suit most riders’ shelter needs. 

I got my hands on Zephyr for the purpose of this article. It became mine and I’ve used it several times. I had actually just bought a tent at the end of last season but having done this review, I realized the Zephyr wasn’t going back. 

Picking any shelter from our list, depending on your specific needs, will set you up for many magical nights under the stars beside your bike. 

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