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Best Women’s Motorcycle Boots: Our Top Five Picks For Woman Riders

Riding motorcycles is a sport and just like any other sport and you need footwear made specifically for it. Honestly, riding without proper footwear is not an option. Your feet are as important as any other part of your body and need protection and comfort.

Stepping out in a pair of motorcycle boots that provide comfort, support and style will make any woman feel like a badass that can conquer the world! These boots will play a vital role in keeping your ankles and feet safe from rain, mud, and bad road conditions while also minimizing the risk of injuries in case of an accident! With  the risks involved in riding a motorcycle, you need all the protection that you can get and thus, motorcycle boots are really something that you shouldn’t compromise on. Pick the right ones and the investment will last many years.  

Modern women’s motorcycle boots are leaps and bounds better than what was out there ten or fifteen years ago. The style and protection they offer is a great leap in motorcycle gear. With some styles, you wouldn’t even know they are motorcycle specific when you look at them. Most boots these days also come with innovative technologies that make them waterproof and breathable. You no longer have to worry about your feet sweating in summers and freezing in winters! The fact that the shoes make you look amazing is just an added benefit that we can’t help but love. 

At Moto Affliction, with the help of Elena, our female staff member and resident badass Ninja rider, we conducted a thorough research of the market and picked out the five best women’s motorcycle boots for you. Since every rider needs a pair of boots that go with her riding style, we made sure to include boots that are specific for each style- from urban to sports to adventure! After all, making your riding experience more high quality is the ultimate goal. 

Best Women’s Motorcycle Boots for Street/Urban

TCX Street Ace WP Women’s Shoes 

There couldn’t be a better shoe for riding on paved roads and streets than the TCX Street Ace WP Women’s Shoes! They are specifically designed to provide premium comfort while also looking amazing and chic both on and off the bike. This means that you won’t have to worry about carrying an extra pair of shoes with you to change into once you reach your destination. 

The Street Ace’s have a lot more to offer apart from the superior comfort and stylish looks. It is made of upper grain leather that is weatherproof which makes it ideal for riding and trekking in various weather conditions. However, its waterproof lining does make it a little warm but at least your feet will be completely dry if you get stuck in a heavy shower! Apart from this, its build also includes high wear-resistant soles that are guaranteed to last for years regardless of how vigorously you use the shoes. 

With an EN 13634:2017 marking, the boots are CE-certified as biking shoes that meet all the latest tests. You can rest assured that these high-quality boots don’t compromise on safety! The shoes have slim armor protection around the ankles along with reinforced heels so your feet will have some high level of protection in case things go south. 

As for the price point, the TCX Street Ace Shoes are pretty reasonable. You get comfortable, stylish shoes that have a wide variety of features and tick all the boxes of a premium motorcycle shoe from an Italian brand. 

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Best Women’s Motorcycle Boots for Sport Bikes

Alpinestars Stella SMX-1 R Boots 

Sport Bikes are known for their extreme performance and thus, to ride such a bike, you need special boots that can take that on. The Alpinestars Stella SMX-1 R boots are the top pick in this category because they provide superior safety and protection while making sure that no compromises are made on comfort. They have also been designed especially for women’s riding and hence, they offer an overall optimized riding experience with increased control, and support. 

Made of durable and lightweight micro-fiber material, the Stella SMX-1 R features extensive perforation in the vented option along with a trendy low-top design to increase the shoe’s comfort while also making them super easy to wear and take off. Plus, the low cut design is preferable for everyday street riding. Honestly, spending several minutes just to put on a pair of shoes is extremely annoying and thus, we can’t help but love the ease of wear of this shoe. We also love how well ventilated they are because riding in the  summer is an absolute nightmare for people with sweaty feet. So if you are someone who is tired of sweaty feet ruining all the fun, you know just the perfect pair of shoes to get! 

Additionally, these popular sports bike shoes come with abrasion and slip-resistant TPU soles that offer a superior grip on and off the bike. The increased movement with the low cut, along with the increased grip will ensure that you have maximum control over your bike so that riding a sports bike is much easier and safer for you. Plus, the velcro straps and heel counter support system allow the shoe to fit like a glove and further enhance control and support. 

All in all, the Alpinestars Stella SMX-1 R Vented Boots are the perfect shoes for any female rider. Apart from their ability to absorb moisture and increase comfort, the shoes are CE-certified and meet all the safety requirements that an ideal motorcycle boot should have. 

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Best Women’s Motorcycle Boots for Sports Touring

Sidi Gavia Gore-Tex Women’s Boots

For those of you that love touring  on your motorcycles, the Sidi Gavia Gore-Tex are the best in the class.  They are one of the highest quality and most comfortable sports touring boots out there! They have a mid-high length which provides just the right amount of comfort and protection. While wearing these shoes, you can whizz past the streets without worrying about accidentally fracturing or dislocating your foot! 

Made of full grain microfibre synthetic leather, these boots have increased durability due to the double-stitched stress points that prevent wear and tear. The microfibre material is weather-resistant; you can wear these shoes in the hottest weather and your feet will remain cool due to the breathability of Gore-Tex. As for safety, the Gore-Tex shoes have inner and outer ankle, heel, and toe protection. While you may think that this protection may limit flexibility, you couldn’t be more wrong! The shoe has arch support pads and heel and toe inserts that provide maximum comfort. 

The Sidi Gavia Gore-Tex is the ideal riding boots that provide premium comfort and security. They are honestly the best choice of shoes for enjoying breathtaking views and sights. 

Find them here

Best Women’s Motorcycle Boots for ADV riding

Forma ADV Tourer Women’s Boots

Adventure riding is thrilling.  Your adrenaline rushes as you zoom past dirt roads and mountains. With ADV riding and the added risks, you need special boots that offer protection, increased grip and control and the Forma ADV Tourer Women’s boots offer that and much more. 

They have a beautiful, oiled leather and suede upper. Its Drytex liners allow your feet to breathe and be sweat-free. It also comes with TPU protectors and a hard nylon sole that will keep your feet protected regardless of how extreme the situation gets. The ADV Tourer boots are extremely lightweight and come with extra protection in the form of plastic gear pads and unbreakable plastic buckles. Their anti-slip rubber soles further increase safety as you can have increased control over your ADV bike! All these features make the Forma ADV Tourer Women’s Boots the perfect pair of boots to go along with your ADV. 

Fin them here

Best Women’s Motorcycle Boots for V Twin Riders

Forma Eva Women’s Boots

Slightly more expensive than the other shoes mentioned in the list, the Forma Eva Women’s boot is premium quality riding boots that are so lightweight and comfortable that you won’t even realize that you’re wearing bulky motorcycle boots! 

Made of full-grain leather, these riding boots feature a drytex waterproof lining along with non-slip rubber soles that provide superior grip and control. They have a zipper as well as a front strap closure that allows the boots to snugly cover your foot and account for a perfect fit. The shoes are also shock resistant which is extremely important when riding bikes because of how uneven most terrains are. Additionally, the Forma Eva women’s boots have TPU protectors that are abrasion and slip-resistant. All these features allow you to have a one of a kind smooth riding experience! 

The Forma Eva Women’s boots are a reliable pair of riding boots that are durable and long-lasting. Honestly, once you invest in a pair of these, you won’t have to think about getting a new pair for at least a decade. 

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The right gear not only protects you but also optimizes your riding experience. Motorcycle boots are no different. They are definitely an investment worth making because without the right pair, you really won’t be able to enjoy your rides to the max. All of the brands mentioned above are well-reputed and reliable. You can count on them to provide you with a pair that will remain in its prime condition even after vigorous use.

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