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Best Women’s Motorcycle Gloves: Top Five Picks

Ladies, your gloves are not only a vital piece of protection in case you go down. They are also your point of contact with your bike. They are your second skin, and you should wear a pair of gloves that fit you perfectly.

Thankfully, modern gloves are made by innovative companies. They are always pushing the technology forward and creating better products that keep us safe, cool in the summer, warm during the fall and dry when it rains. 

With summer almost here, I tested some of the best women’s gloves, and here are my top 5 picks for different riding applications:

Best Overall Women’s Gloves

Dainese MIG C2 Gloves

For about 100 bucks, the fine folks at Dainese will lay their MIG C2 Gloves on you, and your hands will thank you. These are my pick for best overall women’s riding gloves because they look great, feel great and offer outstanding protection. They are constructed with abrasion resistant cowhide and synthetic suede, along with polyurethane inserts over the knuckles and by soft inserts on the thumb and little finger. The pre-curved fingers mean they don’t require much breaking in, and they hold up perfectly for a diverse rider who likes to mix it up and needs something for the daily ride to work, and some adventure trips down dirt roads and mountain switchbacks. 

Best Adventure Riding Gloves

REV’IT! Sand 4 Women’s Gloves

Shout out to all the lady ADV riders out there. The folks at REV’IT always bring it, and the Sand 4 gloves are no exception. For about 110 bucks, you will be more than happy spending your hard-earned money. They feature strategically perforated goatskin and abrasion-resistant stretch mesh fabrics and an integrated TPR knuckle protector. They are snug fitting second skin gloves that breathe like their off-road counterparts. They are perfect for on and off road riding, and they will keep your hands cool on hot summer days no matter where your adventure ride takes you.

Find them here

Best Budget Ladies Gloves

Dainese Desert Poon D1 Gloves

Ok. Weird name. But you don’t need to spend a ton of cash to get a good quality glove from a reputable brand. Dainese uses synthetic suede on these lightweight gloves for the palms. It cuts down on cost but you are still getting decent protection. The best thing about these gloves is their comfort. With stretch built into the fingers, the gloves are working with you not against you. The most important thing to note here is that these gloves are best suited for hot weather riding. These are no  good for the fall or early spring. If you live in  a hot climate, these are all you need. As a second pair of gloves, these won’t break the bank.  

Find Them Here

Best Women’s Urban Commuter Gloves 

REV’IT! Bastille Women’s Gloves

For all the ladies riding into the office every day. You know you are totally pissing off that guy in the next cubicle that  had to sell his bike because “the baby is coming” For daily commuting and urban riding, the REV’IT! Bastille gloves are hard to beat. They will set you back about 100 bucks, and they are constructed with super comfortable goatskin leather and h PWR|shield knit backing. The ribbed stretch panels and design give them a classic, almost old school look. They are comfortable all-rounders that wear in well and thanks to the classic design fit a variety of sized hands perfectly. 

Find Them Here

Best Women’s Track Gloves

Alpinestars Stella SP-1 v2 Gloves

For all the lady speed demons out there. The good folks at Alpinestars have been providing motorcycle riders some of the very best gear for decades. If you are a regular at the track, then you probably already have some of their kit, if not all of it and the SP-1 v2 gloves should definitely be one of them. They have the classic Alpinestars good looks and are constructed with leather and accordion stretch panels and stretch fabric on the fingers and hard knuckle protection and their patented finger bridge to keep you protected in case you suddenly lose an argument with gravity. They cost about 170 bucks, and I think they are the best track gloves for women on the market today. 


We have come a long way. I remember even a decade ago when shopping for women’s gear, every brand figured every girl liked paisley and roses. There is certainly nothing wrong with that but the brands have evolved to offer us ladies more choice. A woman’s race glove? Unheard of before. Woman commuting to the office? Not an uncommon thing these days. With more and more women riders, we have forced the manufacturers hand. The gloves offered in this review are proof of that. If you have been around riding for a while, you know the reputation these brands carry. For those that are new, We at Moto Affliction are not only big believers in gear, but we are believers in the right gear. Buy it right once and you will save money in the long run

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