alan Katkich

alan Katkich

Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0: In Depth Break Down

Style 7/10

Safety 7/10

Price 9/10

Versatility 8/10

Motorcycle jackets can be expensive. It gets more expensive when you need different jackets to cope with the changes in season in order to stay comfortable on your bike throughout the year. 

Enter the Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0. 

The Atomic 5.0 is a 3-4 season motorcycle jacket depending on where you live. 

Joe Rocket offers a practical solution to get the most out of a single jacket throughout your riding season. 

We will break it all down, give you the ins and outs and see if this is the right solution in a motorcycle jacket for you. 

3 in 1 Jacket

The Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0 gives you the ability to stay comfortable in different conditions. 

On the exterior you get a waterproof shell. What I like about this is that unlike some waterproof jackets that have their rain liner on the inside, the Atomic 5.0 incorporates its waterproofing on the outer jacket itself. This is preferable to me. I do not see the point in having a wet jacket even if water has not soaked through. Speaking of soaking through, I feel we need to add caution here. Think of the waterproofing of this jacket as more of a water resistance. This is not a full on Gore-Tex rain jacket. You will get wet if riding extensively in the rain. Think of this more as  a bit of insurance in case you get caught in a shower in your commute or on your Sunday ride. For a short time it will do fine. 

On the inside you have a full sleeve, insulated, removable liner. Full sleeve is the key here. Lots of jackets offer a removable liner. Most are sleeveless. The Atomic 5.0 gives you a bit of added warmth here. With some base layering the Atomic 5.0, with the liner in, is good to about 40 degrees or 5 celcius for cold weather riding comfort.  Again, this isn’t a full on touring jacket. I wouldn’t count on lasting hours at those temps in this jacket. If it is a chilly morning on your way into the office you will do fine with this. There is a large pouch in the back of the jacket that you can store the liner if the weather is getting warm on your ride. 

Again on the exterior, you will notice many zippers for venting. Two massive chest vents that button together so they are held open. Vents in the biceps and two large exhaust vents in the back.  With the liner removed and the vents opened up you get excellent airflow. This turns the Atomic 5.0 into a very good warm weather jacket. It’s not as airy as a mesh jacket but you are getting a lot of versatility here. 


The removable shoulder and elbow armor is what you might notice first. Each of them are removable from the exterior of the jacket. Not sure of the benefit with this to be honest. It adds more zippers to a jacket that has plenty already. Nevertheless the armor is CE approved and is soft and pliable as opposed to hard.

 There is a foam back protector that is included but isn’t worth much more than a mention. I would recommend an upgrade. 

As far as abrasion resistance, Joe Rocket uses their in house Rock Tex textile. It’s like a ballistic nylon that will offer a decent amount of heat resistance in a slide. Not the best out there but acceptable. 


One thing I really like about the Atomic 5.0 is its transitional style. It is more of a sport cut as opposed to a touring cut but it’s not overly aggressive. The style will lend itself to many different bikes types. I find the cut will be flattering for most riders. Lets face it, not all of us can pull off  a skin tight race jacket if you know what I mean.

It is available in six different chest and back panel colors. Black, orange, red, blue, hi vis and white. If you are in the 4 and 5XL size, black is your only option.

In my opinion the overall package is not the most refined.  It is not an unattractive jacket by any means. I find the look utilitarian in its execution with its many zippers and seams for the exterior accessible armor. It is what I expect for its price. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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Overall Impression

I appreciate a company that tries to give you the most bang for the buck out of a piece of gear. I feel Joe Rocket has done that here with the Atomic 5.0. 

This jacket is a jack of all trades. Only issue is, it’s a master of none. 

It won’t be the best warm weather jacket or the best cold weather jacket. It won’t be the best rain jacket either.

What you are getting is a very versatile jacket that will get you through different climate changes and weather situations at a very reasonable price. 

The Atomic 5.0 is not for the hardcore touring rider. There are better options available for that.

 The Atomic 5.0 is great for a rider just starting out. Gear is expensive when you need everything. For the price of a very good jacket you are getting much more versatility with the Atomic 5.0. No need to buy a mesh jacket and a cold weather jacket. 

Commuters will love the Atomic 5.0 as well. Weather can change drastically from your ride in morning to your commute back home in the late afternoon. The Joe Rocket will have you covered for almost anything. 

Besides it’s lack of refinement in its overall execution,  the Atomic 5.0 delivers great bang for the buck. As long as your expectations are realistic as to what this jacket is capable of, you can’t go wrong for the price. It will keep you dry, but not if you are riding a long time in the rain. It will flow air, but not to the level of a dedicated warm weather jacket. It will keep you warm when the temps drop, but don’t expect to ride in the dead of winter with it. 

To me, these parameters should be agreeable to most riders. There is no reason to believe you won’t find this jacket practical and useful. With realistic expectations going in, I would recommend the Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0. 

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