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alan Katkich

Kriega US30 Drypack Review

I spent quite a while debating on whether or not I should pull the trigger on getting a Kriega US30. I already had a couple bags that I’ve been using for a few years. After a three day motorcycle trip last summer, I decided I needed to go ahead and get it . This particular trip was my first on my new bike. I recently purchased a Suzuki GSXS-750. It’s a naked sport bike. After the trip I realized I needed a different setup than what I had with my adventure bikes. Having moved to a more of a sport bike I needed more efficiency in packing and a better method of carrying my gear. This is exactly what I hoped the Kriega US30 would offer. It turns out that I got exactly what I hoped for and I’m glad I made the investment. 

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This bag will work great on any bike but sport riders have a very compelling option here. First off is how this bag mounts to the bike. This for me is the best feature of the bag. Not many sport riders appreciate a bunch of straps and bungees criss crossing all over their bike. It looks terrible and you risk straps flapping in the wind possibly messing with your pain. Not an issue with the Kriega. The mounting system utilizes mounting points under your pillion seat. There are a couple options available depending on your particular model of bike. Kriega includes strapping for whatever option works for you. You may be lucky enough to have mounting straps already under your pillion seat already. Make sure to check. Whatever option is used, what you will have are four nylon loops poking out from under your pillion seat. You use these rather inconspicuous loops as your mounting points. Simply hook the supplied aircraft aluminum hooks into the loops and tighten it all down.

This gives a clean look. The bag looks as if it’s just sitting freely on your tail. No straps running over your bike or running over top of your bag squishing everything down. 

The best part is that removing and remounting the bag is easily repeatable. No more spending time the next morning trying to figure out how you got your bag mounted and secured like the day before. Just re hook, tighten and go. These were all the inconveniences I dealt with before and the Kriega US30 solved for me. 

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The Kriega US30 is a 30 liter bag as the name implies. This to me is the sweet spot in capacity. Less than 30 and a bag’s use can be limited. More than that, I’m bringing too much stuff and weighing myself down. I’m hyper focused on packing light. With the Kriega US30 I’m able to carry everything I need for a few days’ bike trip. Anything more than 7 days and I’ll likely need more room. With the Kriega this is not a problem because of its ability to attach more luggage onto itself. You can easily go from a 30 liter bag to a 40, 50 70 liter set up. It’s a modular type set up. Using the mounting points on the exterior of the bag, you can purchase and add a Kriega US10 or US20 in any configuration. Mount two US10’s or one US20 or two US20’s if you need. It’s all tied together cleanly, easily and keeps the overall aesthetics in check with no straps running all over the place. 

Now on to what you can fit into it. Like I said, the US30 is perfect for up to a week I believe. 

If you are camping and have compact sized gear, you can fit all the essentials in. Everyone camps differently so it depends on your needs. For me I can easily fit my Mountain Hardwear Optic 3.5 tent, camp chair, inflatable mattress pad, inflatable pillow, sleeping bag, lounge pants, slides (sandals), and three shirts, socks and underwear. You may pack differently than me but this gives a good indication of what will fit. If you don’t camp and just need the bag for clothes you will be able to fit quite a bit. I managed four jeans, two hoodies, track pants, and a bunch of shirts and socks. The tent in my example is quite large. If you have a smaller tent you can bring whatever extras you may desire. Overall this bag will fit most anything you need if you are a careful packer. 


The Kriega US30, as with all their products, is bullet proof.  On the exterior you have a full body D1000 Cordura fabric. It is a super aberration resistant bag. The roll top system bag is 100% waterproof. Inside is a removable liner. This is a nice touch for a couple of different reasons. One is after a long trip your bag could smell like campfire or dirty laundry. No problem. Simply remove the liner and wash it. Now it’s all fresh for your next trip. The other bonus is that it’s white. This makes it super easy to see your way inside the bag without looking into a black hole. 

The zippers, hooks and clips are all very beefy and robust. There are no weak points on the bag whatsoever. On the bottom is a rubberized mesh that acts as an anti slip feature. You can unzip the side of it and slide any small wet items you may have like a camp towel. 

Who Is This Bag For?

This bag is for those who are really particular about how they carry stuff on their bike. Some don’t mind strapping on whatever they can use and get away with in whatever manner they can. That is perfectly fine. What the Kriega US30 does is makes things really simple by using its under seat mounting system. I think this really appeals to sport riders. This bag allows them to keep their stuff tight and compact on the bike. You get to enjoy the road more without a bag sliding around behind or piled high on the bike affecting its handling. There are those who really care about aesthetics and this bag looks great on the bike. 

Some people need flexibility in packing. Because of its modular attributes it allows you to adjust capacity to your needs. No two trips are always the same and the Kriega allows you to adapt. Finally there is no denying the quality of the bag. It’s a bag that you will be able to turn to year after year. Trip after trip. 

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Here at Moto Affliction the Kriega US30 comes highly recommended. From its bullet proof construction to its thoughtful touches like its white interior. We believe there is no travel pack on the market that offers everything the Kriega does. The mounting system is the real story here. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent morning after morning trying to re strap my gear on my bike. How many times I’ve had to pull over to make adjustments because my bag has shifted. With the Kriega it’s not an issue. Just re hook onto the loops, cinch it down and off you go. The biggest drawback is that it is on the expensive side. It’s why it took me so long to convince myself to buy one. Having said that, I’m glad I did. If your riding season includes a yearly trip or two, than I believe the investment is worth it. Another draw back is accessing items in the bag when its on the bike. It can be done but it’s a bit tricky with its opening being on the side when its strapped to the bike. Its usually best to take the bag off and then dig through it. Thankfully its a simple task. Overall its a great bag and you ultimately are getting what you pay for.

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