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REV’IT Eclipse Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Review

At the time of this writing, the heat of summer is in full swing. If you are an atgatt rider (all the gear all the time and I hope you are), then you know there are days that it can be too hot to ride. 

It’s not always easy to afford multiple pieces of gear to deal with every weather condition. Thankfully REV’IT makes it a bit easier.

Introducing the REV’IT Eclipse mesh motorcycle jacket.

The REV’IT Eclipse is an affordable summer jacket, from a premium brand. It hits the sweet spot in stylish, protective gear for a reasonable price. 

At Moto Affliction we got our hands on one in order to take a deep dive into it and see if it might be right for our readers. Let’s get to it.


I was actually surprised when I first laid eyes on the jacket with its cut. REV’IT is typically known for their very Euro, streamlined, tapered fit. 

While the Eclipse is not baggie by any means, it’s still a little more forgiving in the arms, stomach and waist areas. 

What I like about it is that it allows this jacket to suit a wide variety of riders. 

With its 5 available, earth tone colors, there isn’t a type of bike out there that this jacket wouldn’t suit. Literally everything from a Ducati Street Fighter to a Harley Road Glide would work with this jacket. 

If you are expecting a slim, race fit, this jacket isn’t it. 


The shell is made of 600D polyester. To add a bit of context to this, D stands for “denier”. The 600 relates to the thickness  of this durable yarn. The 600D that makes up this jacket is adequate for a come off but it will burn through on an extended high speed slide. 1000D is better but you give up flexibility and add weight. 

The armor in this jacket will take over where the polyester will start to fail. The 600D will certainly protect you if you happen to come off at lower speeds. 

Most summer jackets aren’t leather so there is a trade off in absolute protection vs keeping comfortable on a hot day. This jacket is an acceptable compromise.

Getting back to the armor, the Eclipse comes with Knox CE level 1 in the shoulders and elbows. This armor is pliable so is more comfortable than hard plastic armor without giving up its protective qualities. Despite its pliability it stays stable in all temperature ranges. Meaning it won’t become softer as the hot summer sun beats on it. 

No back armor is included but you can add one down the road if you so choose.

Overall you are getting what I would say is basic rider protection with this jacket. That’s a good thing. Something is always better than nothing.

Find It Here


This is the reason most of you will purchase this jacket. If you are looking for ventilation to keep the air flowing over your torso on a hot day, this will certainly do that. 

The front of the Eclipse is almost exclusively all mesh. You also get mesh throughout the inside of the arms. The back is all mesh as well, save for a narrow panel of polyester down the spine where the pocket for the back protector is on the inside. 

In the video posted above, I talk about the ventilation experience in a real world riding scenario on a very warm day. 

To summarize my thoughts, if ventilation is what you are after, you won’t be disappointed with the Eclipse.

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Moving to the inside of the REV’IT Eclipse mesh jacket you will find some pretty standard stuff. Nothing particularly stands out here. 

It’s lined with football jersey type mesh throughout the inside.

 You get one interior pocket on the right side. One on each side would have been better but that’s a small gripe. 

You get a couple belt hooks to keep the jacket in place over your riding pants as well.

The inside is where you will find the Velcro enclosed pockets to remove your shoulder and elbow armor as well as a large pocket for a back protector if you desire to add one. 


On the exterior, besides the mesh paneling we talked about earlier, you will find some adjustment points.

Starting at the hip you get two Velcro adjustable waist straps that allow you a great deal of adjustment.

On the biceps there’s a two position button adjustment.

At the wrists you get a Velcro flap for plenty of adjustment.

Branding is kept to a minimum with this jacket. You get a REV’IT on the left chest, a small plastic logo on the left shoulder and a larger REV’IT logo at the top of the spine in the back.

I would have liked it if these logos were reflective but on the black jacket I had, they were not. 

Our Overall Thoughts

Overall we really like what REV’IT has done with the Eclipse. Functionally, this jacket does what its supposed to do. Keep you ventilated while providing protection. No issues there at all.

It’s price is more than reasonable for a premium brand jacket. They may have cut a corner by not offering their more streamlined SeeSmart armor but that’s OK.  It allows the average rider to get into a quality jacket that will last you years. 

To make it simple, we will run down what we like and what we didn’t like in point form

What We Liked 

  • Transitional style that can be used on any type of bike
  • We love the muted earth tone colors offered. 
  • It’s a very light weight jacket. 
  • Great ventilation. No problems keeping you cooler
  • Good protection 
  • Will easily fit many body types. It’s not overly “euro” in its fit

What We Didn’t Like 

  • We found the Knox armor a bit big in the shoulders giving a football player type look
  • Although the style is muted which is good for any style bike, some may find it a little “boring”. 
  • On our black tester there was no reflectivity anywhere on the jacket. We think this a big oversight on REV’IT part
  • Some may find it’s fit too “boxy”. I personally prefer a more trapped fit. Not everyone does though.

To wrap it up, you can’t go wrong with this jacket. In our opinion, the only reason you wouldn’t purchase this as your summer jacket is because it’s style may not be your thing.

For its price, protection and ventilation, this jacket is a winner in our books.

Find It Here

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