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Top Ten Motorcycle Gadgets

I must confess. I’m a gadget nut. I’m fascinated by innovative products that solve problems, especially ones I didn’t know I had.

At Moto Affliction we perused the internet to see if we could come up with a list of products that could revolutionize your motorcycle lifestyle experience. Some are more revolutionary than others. We are not talking about cup holders here. These are products that  will get you out of a jam, keep you safe, guide you and generally make life on two wheels and in your garage easier. 

Hopefully you find something here that makes you wonder how you ever lived without it. 

Read our list of ten best motorcycle gadgets and find out! 

1  Battery Tender USB Charger 

Portable electronics are a part of our lives. The need to charge and recharge is ongoing. We’ve all felt battery level anxiety at some point. If your bike isn’t equipped with a USB charging port then the Battery Tender USB Charger is here to calm your nerves. Simply run an SEA quick disconnect lead from your battery terminals to a convenient location somewhere on your bike. I keep mine tucked away behind the subframe under my seat. Once you have that simple little setup you can plug the Battery Tender into the lead and viola, you have a USB port to charge whatever needs charging. I plug in mine whenever my phone is running low while it’s mounted into my Quadlock. I just temporarily run my charger cable down over the tank to where my USB charger is and in about an hour I’m all juiced up. I unplug it. Throw it in my pocket, tuck the lead behind my subframe and that’s it. It can be used to charge anything that can charge through USB whether on or off the bike.

2  Condor Motorcycle Garage Dolly

Between cars, bicycles, tools and various amounts of junk, it can be a struggle to get your pride and joy put into a convenient location in the garage or shed and get it out. With your bike’s weight and turning radius, you are limited in where you can squeeze the bike into. With a Condor Motorcycle Garage Dolly you now have much more maneuverability. Roll the bike up onto the Dolly. Chalk the front wheel. Now you can pivot the bike 360° in any direction. You can also move it laterally to slide it up against a wall so it’s nearly tucked out of the way. 

When it’s time to ride again, you can easily maneuver it out of its spot, roll it onto the driveway, un chalk the wheel and it’s ready to roll. No more worries of dropping the bike or scratching the paint while storing it in the garage. With more control over its movement it will make saving space and accessing it much easier. 

Spot Gen3 Satellite GPS Messenger 

Shown with optional holder

When traveling on a motorcycle you go wherever the road takes you. Sometimes even far beyond the beaten path. There is no guarantee you will have cell coverage throughout our ride. If something happens, you need a way for others to pinpoint your location if you are out of cell range. The Spot Gen3 can be a life saver in that regard. The Spot Gen3 allows family and friends to track your location using satellite GPS. The pocket sized device can update your whereabouts every 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes. It is subscription based so it is worth it if you are out alone often. With the press of a button it sends a distress signal to first responders. They can then pinpoint exactly where you are. You can also check in with family and friends with preset text and email messages to let them know you are OK if you have no cell coverage. Running off of four AAA batteries, it also has a USB port for charging or an additional power source. With this technology so readily available to us it would be a shame to not utilize it for our safety and your family’s peace of mind.

Sena C10 Pro 

The Sena C10 Pro is an all in one action cam/bluetooth device.

No need to purchase two different units separately. One simple install gives you everything you need to film the action and communicate with other riders. When filming, you do not need a separate audio setup either. The C10 has you covered with its built in mic. It also allows you to accept phone calls and listen to music from your phone. 

Its top resolution is 1440 at 30 FPS. Its 1080 at 60 FPS provides a good picture while saving battery life. The lack of image stabilization is its only downfall. A cool feature is its auto looping mode. This feature makes the Sena a great dash cam for capturing any mishaps. It automatically overrides footage to save card space and allows you to keep filming. There is truly nothing like this unit on the market. If you don’t take your filming too serious, the C10 gets the job done nicely. With the added convenience of a comm system, there is no other product like it.  

5 Beeline GPS System

Everything you need. Nothing you don’t. That’s the philosophy behind the Beeline GPS.it’s a simple, round device about the size of a large watch face. It straps to your bar via the included mounting bracket. From there the Beeline gives you turn by turn directions by using an easy to read directional arrow. Along with the arrow you get the distance until your next turn and a dot on either left or right to indicate the direction of your next move. It also has a progress bar for your route so you are not left in the dark of how much further you have. That’s it. All the information you need and nothing you don’t. The best part is, you can keep your expensive phone safely tucked away out of the elements and off of your vibrating bars. It also keeps the aesthetics of your bike in check without a big phone mounted to it if that’s important to you. The unit is waterproof. It is also backlit for night time. Everything is done from the Beeline app. Connect your device and use the app for all your navigation needs. You can do custom routes or let the app pick the most efficient option. 

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Eyelights HUD

The future truly is here. That’s what I thought when I first saw the Eyelights system. This is a first in the motorcycle industry. It uses fighter pilot technology to provide you with all sorts of  information right inside your helmet in your field of view. It uses an optical device that Mounts in your helmet that has a super tiny screen. On that screen, through voice commands, you can access your Google map, incoming call display and playlist. All with looking down. Your eyes stay focused ahead while the info appears like a holographic image ahead of you. A Bluetooth unit Mounts to the side of your helmet  that allows you to listen to music, talk on the phone and has rider to rider capability. It’s likely that this technology will be commonplace in the near future. Helmet manufacturers like Shoei are looking to add this feature to their helmets. The purists will snub their nose at such an intrusion into their alone time. For many, being disconnected is not an option. The Eyelights is a safer way to do so. At the time of this writing it is currently available in Europe. 

7 Alpinestars Tech-Air Street Airbag System 

Another piece of technology that will certainly become more common over time. Alpinestars airbag system is unique in that it doesn’t require any sensors to be installed on the bike to use it. This allows you to ride any bike and be protected by its airbags. It uses a trigger algorithm initiated by a gyroscope and accelerometer housed in an ACU. 

Protective coverage includes the full back, shoulders, chest and kidneys. 

It can be used in conjunction with two jackets at launch. The Valparaiso for Tech- Air and the Viper for Tech-Air. More will likely be added. It has a 25 hour battery life and it’s firmware can be upgraded from PC. No Mac just yet. These firmware upgrades will relate to algorithm triggers. I like where Alpinestars is going with this. Having airbag vests and jackets that don’t tether you to the bike is better. Allowing riders to get on and off or switch bikes like normal is definitely the way to go. I also like that you can wear what looks like a normal jacket without having an air vest over top of it on the exterior. 

Garmin Zumo Tire Pressure Monitor

Motorcycle owners know that regularly checking tire pressure is a pain in the butt. It’s not always easy getting the gauge onto the stem with the brake rotors and spokes in the way. Not to mention having to roll the bike back and forth to get the stems in an ideal position. With the Garmin Zumo Tire Pressure Monitoring system you will cut down your time on your hands and knees. These valve stem caps look very much like your average caps. Inside is a battery that lasts 18 hours and a sensor. The sensor relays your pressure information to a (not included) Garmin Zumo GPS unit. From there you have accurate up to the second information on your tire pressure. No more having to go through that awkward routine regularly. Simply scroll to the menu on your GPS head unit and it will give you the exact reading. It will also display a warning if you are getting too low. 

Micro-Start Sport Personal Power Supply

Have you ever felt the anxiety of a dead bike battery far from home? Not fun. The Micro-Start Power Supply has enough juice to get you going again. It has “smart clamps” to protect against reverse polarity or short circuit terminal connections. It’s small enough to fit under most seats. This thing holds a charge for up to an entire year. Not only will it charge your bike battery, it will power up your phone, laptop, GPS, anything with a USB port. It will charge your devices multiple times over before needing recharging itself. Also included are a couple safety features like a flashlight and an led that gives off an SOS signal. 

10  TMG Industrial Lift Table 

For anyone that does any amount of work on their own bike, the TMG Lift Table is a must. Running off of hydraulic pressure, this heavy duty table puts the bike at an ideal height to work comfortably. With 10″ side extensions, your tools are right there as well while you are working on it. This thing is very well made. With a scissor type lift and a diamond plate platform, this lift will handle the heaviest of bikes with ease. It has a 1000lbs capacity. How many riders avoid doing their own oil changes simply because they don’t feel like rolling around on the ground for 45 minutes? With this lift it makes the job really easy and less labor intensive. In that sense it will almost pay for itself over time. If you are a clean freak that  likes to keep your bike looking its best, the TMG lift makes it super easy to clean your rims and engine. With a high variance from 7 ¼  inches up to 32 ½ there isn’t any part of the bike that you can’t access with ease and without breaking your back. 

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